June 9, 2013

That ‘70s Show

Hello all J! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Another week is ahead of us and I thought I would start it off with another post. By now you can probably tell that I don’t have a specific style. I dress according to the mood I am in, on any given day. The only style you will never see me in is goth, it just doesn’t go with my personality. I am too cheerful to be able to pull it off right. This outfit was not a planned outfit at all, it was not meant to be on the blog, but I loved the pictures so I decided to share it. I went out for a morning coffee and a beignet this past Saturday and on the way back I figured I would take a few pictures. Do you all know what a beignet is? If you don’t, you HAVE to find a place near you that makes them. They are a European version of a donut but fluffier. I found this really cute European style café in Greektown that makes amazing ones, but only on Saturday mornings, so I had to make sure I made it there as soon as it opened before they ran out J.  As for the outfit, I love that it is very ‘70s. I love a flare jean and how long it makes my legs appear. Top it off with a casual white top, loose sweater and a must have floppy hat and you’re done. I hope you like it J. Ciao!
Aleksandra <3 
Jeans Express, top Walmart, sweater Jay Manuel for Sears, bag and hat Winners

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