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Fall Layering &Texture Mixing

Dress H&M, sweater Costa Blanca, leather bag KGB Black Label (Winners), watch Michael Kors, open toe booties Zigi New York (old), rings H&M
One of the things I love about fall, and I know I’ve said it before, is layering my clothing. I especially love it when you mix different textures together. Today, I am doing so by mixing suede in my open-toe booties, satin (like) and lace dress from H&M, leather bag and a sweater. The weather has been gorgeous so this type of layering is just perfect. The dress is very thin and bare legs keep me cool, but a sweater on top keeps this look fall-like and gives some warmth. This fall I am very much into darker colours, such as browns, military green and mustard. What is your favourite thing about fall fashion? Ciao!
Jedna od mojih omiljenih stvari, kada pricamo o jesenjoj modi, je slojevito oblacenje. Posebno volim kada se mesaju razlicite teksture. Danasnji  outfit je mesavina izvrnute koze na cizmicama, satena i cipke na haljini, kozne …

In Love With 60s Eshakti Dress

Dress, heels Zara, belt vintage, leather satchel Ebay, ring Aldo, sunglasses Forever 21
Today’s outfit is all about this amazing midi dress. I am beyond in love with it. It is elegant and yet still fun. It reminds me of the 60s. The dress was a gift from They contacted me and after speaking to them for just a bit, I was very intrigued. This is a clothing website unlike any other I know. You can chose any dress, skirt, jacket or shirt and customize it exactly to your liking. And I am not talking about customizing little details. They customize it to your height which was perfect for me. I have often struggled with midi skirts and dresses as the tend to be too long on me. You can give them your exact measurements and get a garment that fits you perfectly, every single curve of your body. Then, they also give you an option to choose the length of the skirt: do you want a mini, to the knee, midi or a maxi? Your choice! You can choose if you want cap, short or long…

Sporty Chic in Skater Skirt & Peter Pilotto for Target Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Peter Pilotto for Target, skirt  Snap(Winners), white pumps Joe Fresh, bag Target, sunglasses unknown, rings H&M, finger tip ring Ebay
I’m back, almost healthy again. So as the sun is out and I feel better, what better way to celebrate then by going bare legged, hehehe. Today I went for skater skirt and always fun Peter Pilotto fo r Target sweatshirt. I am yet again going for my new Joe Fresh white pumps to finish the look. You can also opt ot wear sneakers instead, why not? Ciao!
Ponovo sam tu, skoro pa skroz zdrava.  E pa posto se toplo vreme vratilo na par dana a i ja se bolje osecam, kako bolje to proslaviti nego golim nogama,  hehehe. Danas sam se opredelila za suknjicu sa volanima i duksericu iz Peter Pilotto kolekcije za Target. Na nogama, opet, bele salonke iz linije Joe Fresh. Naravno, uz ovak outfit I patikice neke bi mogle da se nose, zasto da ne? Cao!
Aleksandra <3
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Striped H&M Shirt & Laure Marinis Pumps

Jeans Zara, shirt H&M, heels Lauren Marinis, belt Ardene, wathc Michael Kors, sunglasses Forever 21, leather bag KGB Black Label (Winners)
Happy new week everyone! I am hoping for a much better week then how my weekend was. I am still getting over my flue so I spent most of my weekend in. Yesterday, I tried not to talk most of the Sunday too (doctor recommended), which was brutally hard for me to do, hehehe. I had to get out of the house as the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I took all day Sunday all to myself. I went of a walk in the city. Then, I finally got around to visiting a Shoe Museum here in Toronto. It's about shoes from (mostly) all over the world and from different eras. It was quite interesting to see and read about how much importance shoes had in different cultures. The craftsmanship of a lot of them was very interesting. There were also some very weird ones. I shared some on my Instagram account if you're curious to see. To get back to the outfit now. …

Oversized Sweater & Joe Fresh Pumps

Jeans unknown, sweater Jay Manuel for Sears, pumps Joe Fresh, camisole H&M, leather bag KGB Black Label (Winners), earrings Forever 21
Happy Friday everyone! I got off my butt and decided to shoot one more outfit post for this week. Yes I am still sick. You can see in these pictures (though it's not terribly visible due to good lighting) that my eyes are puffy. I had not slept at all the night before due to severe cough, but I could not just lay around and do nothing all day. So I grabbed my friend, who is just as sick as me, and got her to shoot today's look. It is perfect for when you are feeling sick but have to leave the house. Cozy and oversized sweater will make you feel like you are in your bathrobe. Silk camisole is gentle on your skin and not constricting at all. I wore these gray jean-like pants. They are strerchy and soft and feel like you are wearing leggings. I don't like anything tight on me when I am feeling sick. And yes, stilettos, I am never too sick …

My Summer Through Instagram Eye

I am still under the weather and feeling very weak. It all started two weeks ago and it seems it got worse over time. This is the reason why I have not posted many outfits this week. I was not up to doing a photo shoot yesterday so today instead, I have a different kind of post for you. I decided to share with you my summer through Instagram, especially those who don't follow me there yet. From my trip to Montreal and Mexico, to my every day summer activities such as hitting the beaches in Toronto, picnics, dog walks, bike rides, and so on. It's quite a colourful collection of pictures. Hope you enjoy it. Ciao!
Jedno malo izvinjenje za manjak outfit postova ove sedmice. Jos uvek sam jako bolesna i slaba. To traje vec dve sedmice ali mi se cini da ide sve na gore. Juce nisam imala ni malo snage ni volje da se slikam ali zato za danas imam malo drugaciji post. Delim sa vama moje leto 2014 vidjeno kroz Instagram, posveceno vama svima a posebno onima koji me jos ne prate tamo. Od…