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Traveling Western Serbia & Finding Peace, Quiet & Beauty

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Would You Wear a Bathing Suit as a Top?

Skirt H&M, bathing suit/top unknown, sandals Le Chateau, bag vintage Value Village, hat bought in Athens
From north of Greece and beautiful Khalkidhiki peninsula, we headed due south and reached this little town called Athens 😊. Athens Greece is simply beautiful. No matter where you are in the city, Gods of Acropolis are looking over you. It is such an amazing feeling especially at night when the city is covered by darkness and Acropolis shines in its full light and grandeur. It’s a wonderful feeling to be walking down city streets and being pleasantly surprised by monuments from Ancient Greece as you turn the next corner. I started of my city walk from Monesteriaki neighbourhood and walked around all neighbourhoods surrounding it, from Plaka and Kolonaki to Anafiotika and Gazi. I especially loved Anafiotika. If you love hilly neighbourhoods, then you will love Anafiotika. At night, you can sit on the stairs of cafés and enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail with all the locals. For …

Best Way to Wear Mom Jeans & Last Stop in Beautiful Khalkidhiki

Slides Winners, jeans Topshop, top unknown, waist bag (actually cross body bag) Winners

Today’s stop is our last stop in Khalkidhiki, Greece and this little town or village is called Sarti. It’s a beautiful little resort town but as people live here all year round, it is equipped with everything you may need. From restaurants and bars to supermarkets. It’s still one of the most affordable towns in Sithonia. Sarti is best know for its wide strip of white sand beach that stretches for 3 kilometres. The water is shallow making it ideal for children, but still deep enough for swimming and watersports. As you lay on the beach, you are facing the beautiful Mt Athos which gets more beautiful and pronounced as the day goes by. As the sun sets, Mt. Athos becomes illuminated in shades of orange and fiery red and puts on a vivid display of color. Nothing better then grabbing a picnic blanked along with a glass of wine and some cheese and enjoy this beautiful view.
Before you leave Sarti, make sure…

How to Wear A Crossbody Bag as a Waist Bag

Skirt H&M (old), slides H&M, top unknown, waist bag Winners (cross-body bag worn around waist)
Hello lovelies! Today’s post is all about the outfit & affordable fashion.  I don’t even recall how old this H&M skirt is or how much it cost (I know it was less then $50), but I know it was worth every single penny. I’ve been wearing it for years, be it summer or winter. It pairs beautifully with crop tops like the one today’s post, as it does with sweaters in the fall. Another great purchase is this mustard yellow bag which I got for just $29 from Winners. I bought it before leaving for this trip and didn’t even realize how much use I would get out of it. It’s actually a cross body bag but it can be worn so many ways: cross body/shoulder, wrist bag or waist bag. It;s small enough so I simply wrap the shoulder strap couple of times around the waist and it becomes a waist bag. I’m not sure what I love more about it; it’s versatility, color or resemblance to the beautiful Chl…

This Place Is A MUST When Travelling through Halkidiki in Greece

Jean shorts Levi's, top unknown, bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, slides Winners, ankle cuffs DIY, bandanna Forever 21 
Porto Koufo was a beautiful surprise. Yes this was the next stop on our road trip. This beautiful little fishing village was not on our list of places to visit. We were on our way to Sarti. As we drove through beautiful pine lined roads on the way to Sarti, we were passing this village when, by the corner or my eye, I noticed the port with numerous sailing boats docked in. Curiosity got the best of me and we made an abrupt stop. We didn’t expect much so we left our camper parked on the side of the road, and decided to take a little walk to the port. When we entered the village, I felt such peace and fell in love with the sight. It’s a natural harbour surrounded by rolling hills with crystal clear water. Being that it is very small, it is not too busy with tourists. There is just enough to keep the village alive. We knew we had to spend a few days in this place. Ha…