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A Little bit of Eclectic: Headwrap, Check Coat & a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit H&M, ankle boots Zara, coat Winners, bag Chanel, headwrap/scarf vintage, sunglasses Zumel & Co
Don’t you feel that sometimes that we all tend to want to people in very defined categories, just because it seems easier for us to understand them? You know what I am referring to:  you are either only a democrat or liberal, religious or atheist, you either love rock or r&B, you’re either good or bad, and so on. There are so many categories that we want to put people in, but I think we are all such complex and interesting beings. This also applies when it comes to our sense of fashion and style. It’s funny how you should only be either preppy, or street inspired, or minimalistic, etc. I can never put myself into any of those groups. The only group I can place myself in is eclectic. I love (almost) all styles and trends. I wear all of the ones I feel comfortable in. I love pushing myself out of my  own comfort zone. It may sound funny, but I am not very comfortable in fl…

How to Make Your Coat Warmer for Those Ice Cold Days

Coat Zara, dress Zara, boots Forever 21, vest unknown Ebay, handbag Chanel,
Don’ t you find that sometimes in the winter even some of your favourite or even warmest coats are just not warm enough? The wind gets through, or they are too wide on your body to keep you snug and warm? Yes, you could wear puffer jackets but I gotta admit I’m not a fan of those. They usually make me look like a column with no shape. Actually, I do have a cylinder shape but that’s not necessarily a look I like to go for.  The oversized puffers are not warm enough for me because they are just too wide. I need my coat to be closer to the body to feel warm.
You may wonder why I’m talking about this now. Well, to be honest, I forgot about these pictures I took a month ago. They didn’t come out great so I wasn’t sure if I were going to use them or not, then I completely forgot about them. And for those of us living in Canada or even north USA, we may still brace for some cold harsh winter weather, despite the dece…

How to Wear Fur Coat Every Day

Fur coat vintage, jeans Gap, sweatshirt Harvard gift shop, sneakers Forever21, bag Louis Vuitton, earrings H&M, faux fur accessory ball Winners

How many of you own fur coats? Whether you got them at a vintage store, inherited from your mom or just bought a new one, do you get to wear it often? They don’t come cheap so would it not be good to get the bang for your buck? (Let me translate this for all of you non-Canadian readers: Wouldn’t you like to get most for your money? Hehehe) Do you find yourself only wearing it to big events such as New Years, weddings or some gala? I find that in Canada, being that we have a more casual style, women don’t wear their fur coats on a daily basis. There is certainly also a negative stigma in Canada associated with wearing fur, unlike Europe, but I know way too many women who own a fur coat but don’t wear it, simply because they too believe it’s meant only for special occasions. Fur jackets are much easier to make more casual, but what to do if …