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2013 In (Funny) Review

It's the end of yet another year and a new one is eagerly waiting for us to welcome her with open arms and open hearts. As I say goodbye to 2013 I wanted to do one post recapping my experiences as a blogger. And I planned to do a recap of my favourite outfits but instead opted for something different. Blogging is not an easy job. It is getting easier with time, but still not easy. Taking pictures is sometimes hard work when you are not a professional. And all of us bloggers spend time picking the best pictures to post on the blog which best showcase the outfit as well as us, but there are so many pictures that don't make the cut. Today I picked a few funny  pictures to show to you, to show that it's not all glamorous :). Premature photo taking, clearing teeth before that perfect smile, unsuccessful acrobatic attempts, simply being silly in front of camera, fixing up the outfit so it looks perfect in the picture, arguing with my cameraman, and so on :) I love these types o…

Negative Thirty

Jacket Zara, scarf unknown, hat Urban Planet, cashmere sweater InCashmere (Winners), blouse Urban Behavior (old), boots Ugg, bag Danier, necklace Juicy Couture
This past week I took a week off over the holidays and headed to Ottawa for a few days (partially because I didn't have electricity in my building till Christmas Eve due to frozen rain storm) to visit friends and hit the wonderful Nordic Spa just near the city.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know how gorgeous it is. A mini vacation of sorts. Well, one thing I forgot for this trip is to pack a very, very warm coat. Even though I lived in Ottawa, I seem to have forgotten how cold the winters are there. The few days we were there it was minus 20 but -30 with the windchill. And all I had was this cute little jacket from Zara. Needless to say I didn't spend much time outside. But I snuck in few pictures. I tell ya, I'm dedicated :). My week was great but short. And tomorrow we say good bye to another year.…

Sparkle Sparkle

Skirt Forever 21, sweater H&M, bag unknown (Winners), boots Aldo, bracelets unknown and Joseph Nogucci, ring unknown (similar here)
I don’t know about you, but my holiday parties and celebrations have not stopped yet despite Christmas being behind us. I still have a few to attend but they are mostly in house parties so I am allowed to be more casual. I still think I need to bring some sparkle to it so I chose to wear this sequins skirt and pair it with this cozy sweater from H&M. Little bit of sparkle or arm party for my arms and dressy but cozy look is complete. I want to thank you all for your comments and emails every day. They mean a lot to me. Thank you! Ciao!
Ne znam za vas ali kod mene praznicna turneja tek pocinje. Svaki vikend ako ne I radni dan ima neka proslava. Posto su vecina njih u kucnoj varijanti, malo opusteniji I comforniji outfit je prikladan. Ali posto su praznici ipak je potreban bar jedan svecani komad. Ovoga puta sam se odlucila za suknju sa sljokicama ali…

Wrapped In Ice

Denim shorts Guess (DIY), boots MRKT (Winners), shirt Forever 21, jacket Fairweather, hat &infinity scarf H&M, cross body leather bag Cut n’Paste (Winners), ring H&M
I owe a huge apology to all my readers for this unannounced absence. I do have a really good explanation for it. I`m not sure how many of you outsides of Canada know, but my area was hit by a severe ice rain storm last Sunday which left a huge portion of the city without any electricity. I was one of those lucky people. The only way to get some electricity to charge my laptop or find internet was to find a Starbucks. Let me tell you, Starbucks has never been fuller then on those days. To the point that even their Internet was overloaded and went out for several hours. My husband and I decided to leave the city and go to Ottawa to visit some friends. We snuck in a day at a gorgeous Nordik Spa Nature in Old Chelsea as well. Make sure you go visit this place when you are in Ottawa area. Worth every dime! My area o…

Some Heart For The Holidays

Skirt Mendocino, top H&M, heels Forever 21, belt Asos, clutch unknown Ebay
I am leaving you this week with another holiday party outfit. I have done pants, shorts and now is time for a skirt. This gorgeous Mendocino skirt is more of a summer item but it works just as well for the holidays. If you are cold, you can pair it with black tights and black heels. Keep the heels simple as you don't want them to take away from the skirt. Some hearts on the top just perfect for the holidays. Be kind this holiday season to everyone, even those who may not deserve as much. Be kind all year long, but this time of the year is harder for some then others. Wishing you a happy holiday season my lovelies! Ciao! Poslednji post ove sedmice je jos jedan outfit namenjem za praznicne proslave. Vec sam prikaza outfit sa pantalonama, sorcem a sad je red i na suknju. Ova divna suknja is Mendocina je vise namenjena za leto ali uz kosulju/bluzu odlicna je i za praznicni period. Ako vam je hladno, obucite t…

All Bundled Up

Pants Smart Set, chambray shirt H&M, swetaer Gap, boots Aldo, necklace unknown, bracelets Joe Fresh and Tiffany & Co., handbag Danier, sunglasses unknown, scarf and jacket Zara
This whole week all I read and heard about was Rihanna for Balmain campaign. And though I love Balmain (not that I can afford it, but still love it), I was way more excited to hear about Sophia Webster opening flagship store in 2015. Now I know these shoes are not inexpensive either, but they are so much more attainable for me then anything from Balmain. Though a girl can dream :). And again, I'm not sure why I got so excited about the flagship store when it would open in London and not Toronto, but then again, if that one goes well, you never know, maybe Toronto will get one too! Then we will have more choices to chose from. Why I love these shoes? Well, just check out THIS or THIS style. They are so much fun and so whimsical. Just perfect! Now lets go to my outfit today, a more attainable dream. I…