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This Place Is A MUST When Travelling through Halkidiki in Greece

Jean shorts Levi's, top unknown, bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, slides Winners, ankle cuffs DIY, bandanna Forever 21 
Porto Koufo was a beautiful surprise. Yes this was the next stop on our road trip. This beautiful little fishing village was not on our list of places to visit. We were on our way to Sarti. As we drove through beautiful pine lined roads on the way to Sarti, we were passing this village when, by the corner or my eye, I noticed the port with numerous sailing boats docked in. Curiosity got the best of me and we made an abrupt stop. We didn’t expect much so we left our camper parked on the side of the road, and decided to take a little walk to the port. When we entered the village, I felt such peace and fell in love with the sight. It’s a natural harbour surrounded by rolling hills with crystal clear water. Being that it is very small, it is not too busy with tourists. There is just enough to keep the village alive. We knew we had to spend a few days in this place. Ha…

Travelling Through Greece One Outfit at a Time

Dress no-name, heels Schutz, bag no-name (Winners)
Second stop (or stops) on our travel through Greece was peninsula of Khalkidhiki. Khalkidhiki is shaped like three fingers and each one is beautiful to visit. We however decided to visit the middle finger as it is best known for beautiful beaches and livelier nightlife. The first place we stopped at was Marmaras. This location is one of the favourite places for tourists from Eastern Europe. It’s a small town with many beautiful beaches; whether you’re looking for long sandy beach or small gravel lined beaches that only fit 10-15 people, you are bound to find something you like. I love both types of beaches but for some reason, when in Europe, I usually strive towards more secluded & smaller beaches.  
For a night out & dinner, I opted for this cute little dress. Dress is a no name and it was a small purchase I made while in Thessaloniki. Dress is actually supposed to be worn over both shoulders, but when I was trying it on in …

What You Must Do Before You Take Off on a Life-changing Trip

Shorts H&M, off-shoulder top Forever 21, sandals Noa Boho

If you read my post from August 3 you know I've taken 6 months away from home and have been here in Europe since July. I took the trip for some personal reasons I can't share on the blog, but being that it's a 6 (roughly) month trip to Europe I had made some travel plans and of course, just as we all do, had expectations. Expectations about what the trip should look like, progress, things that I will do, experiences I will be exposed to, free time I will have to explore some other interests and ideas I have, lessons I will learn.
If you are looking to do a similar longer trip, possibly student exchange, teach language abroad, work abroad or maybe looking to do one of those life changing trips, here are a few tips before you go:
Tip #1: Know your fears about this trip. Know your concerns. Don’t let fear stop you from taking that step. Write them down. Sometimes they may seem bigger when unspoken. For me, it was bei…