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Sequence Dress for New Years Eve 2017

Dress Mink Pink (from Winners, similar linked), boots Aldo, earrings Amrita Singh, clutch unknown (from Winners)
I’ve been debating whether to do a New Year’s outfit post or not. As I’m getting older I find that I am not getting as excited about the New Year Eve as I used. I used to plan months in advance what I would wear. No, I didn’t know where I would be going months in advace, but that had nothing to do with me picking the outfit. It is New Year Eve so being overdressed is not an issue. EVER!
This year in particular, the year end crept up so fast that that it caught me unprepared. Not that one of my friends didn’t start asking about our plans way back in October, but I kept ignoring her questions as I could just not wrap my head around it. Too many things were still on the go for 2016 that I had not time to prepare for the 2017.
So as I write these lines, I’m still figuring out where I will be going. Sometimes you end up having the most fun when you least plan it, so I’m not to…

Manolo Blahnik & a Suit & Tie Outfit

Jeans Zara, coat Zara, blazer Zara, shirt H&M, tie vintage, slingback shoes Manolo Blahnik
Do any of you (and I’m talking to the ladies here) ever catch yourself staring at a guy rocking a perfectly tailored suit and a fun tie, and just wish you could rock one too. Well, last week I decided to do just that. I have a thing for fun ties and wish I could wear them more often.
This is a tie I found for $2 in a vintage store and decided to buy it. I really wanted it to pop, so I chose to wear it with an all-black suit. Now, this isn’t actually a suit but rather skinny black jeans and a black blazer, but it did the trick. I especially love how the tie picked up on the red detailing of this Zara coat I have been wearing almost non-stop since I purchased it.
As the outfit was more “masculine” I wanted to wear very girly shoes. Out came my new-old Manolo Blahnik slingbacks. What amazing feather and sequence detailing on these satin emerald green beauties. If you’re curious to see a bette…

Leopard Print Coat & OTK Boots in Salem

Coat River Island from Asos, boots Aldo, jeans Zara, sweater Forever 21, White shirt Zara, cross-body bag Proenza Schouler
I was debating whether to share this post or not, just simply due to quality of the pictures, but after almost two months of deliberation, I thought they should be shared. This is from my trip to Boston. Our last day we spent in Salem. Yes Salem, the town know for the witch burnings or a witch town. 
Our first stop in town was the house of the 7 gables, also made known by Nathaniel Hawthorne in his book by the same name. This is one of the American classic books, and if you have not read it yet, you should. The first picture was taken in front of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birth home, which was moved next to the house of the seven gables and made into a museum. It was definitely fun to walk both houses and see how people of those times lived. Very low ceilings (for heating purposes of course) is something that stuck with me, and I’m quite a short person.
After visiting…

High Waist Two-Tone Topshop Jeans

Turtleneck H&M, jeans Topshop, velvet booties Zara, bag Ebay, fur cuffs & fur bag accessory Winners

It’s almost winter and I have slowly but surely started to pack on my winter weight. A girl has to keep warm, right? These Topshop high waist jeans are a good reminder to eat less or exercise more, whichever one may find easier. I gain my weight first in my belly so I better watch out if I plan to wear these jeans through the winter. Whatever motives you people! Heheheh
This was a casual weekend outfit which I wore on one of the first cold days this fall. I finally bought a black winter coat from Zara (I pretty much had them in all other colours but in classic black. Go figure!), so it was time to take it out for a walk. The velvet booties are from Zara as well, but pictures don’t do them justice. The shape is not so clear but what bothers me the most is that colour, which is a beautiful navy, doesn’t show at all. I guess you will have to visit a Zara store to check them out you…