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Vintage Chanel Bag and Dress over Jeans

Shoes So Kate Christian Louboutin, jeans, jacket & dress Zara, crop top Forever 21, bag Chanel (vintage), watch vintage, ring Jenny Bird
I know I wore the same jacket and the same bag in the last post, but let’s call this Spring Outfit part 2. Sounds like a deal? When you have two such classic and cool pieces, you can’t help yourself but to wear them all the time.
As you probably already know, I love shopping for vintage and consignment items. This, my very first Chanel is from a local consignment store. It was the biggest purchase I have ever made (yes that includes cars cause I just don’t care for those) and it took a little bit out of me to give all that money away. It was less expensive than a new one, but I actually wanted a vintage piece. Old Chanel bags have gold plated sign and have more of a classic feel to them.
What vintage design are you searching for?
Sasha <3

Cropped Top & High Waist Jeans on a First Day of Spring

Jeans Iris Denim, shirt Joe Fresh, cropped top Forever 21, jacket Zara, handbag Chanel, sunglasses Zumel

Weather has been playing some weird game with us here in Canada. February felt like a late spring, with warm temperatures in the high teens and beautiful sunny days. Then came March, and as spring month does normally (please read with high sarcasm), brought snow and freezing temperatures.
This not only plays with your mood, but more importantly, messes up your blog post scheduling hehhehe. I shot this outfit quite a few weeks ago, back in February. And since I had another outfit to share before this one, I waited a little. But by the time its turn came, weather got really cold and I no longer felt it appropriate to share a crop top, belly baring, leather jacket outfit. But sun is out again, and though not as warm just yet, the outfit may be relevant now. Oh and it's first day of spring, so why not!
If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that last few weeks, I have been…

Leopard Statement Coat & Faux Fur

Coat Asos, bag Chanel, faux fur stole Topshop, jeans Zara, ankle boots Alexander Wang
Do you love leopard print? Don't you find that, if worn in a wrong shade or material, it can look very, very cheap? But when it's a great, rich shade and quality material, then it can look like a million bucks, right?

I love leopard print and strongly support the notion that it's a classic. It just pops and, even if worn in small doses, immediately makes the outfit stand out. I bought this leopard print coat back in October but I don't believe I ever posted it before on the blog. Or I might be wrong. But regardless, it's such a statement piece worthy of multiple shares.

I wore this look couple of weekends ago. It was a cold day hence the reason I'm all bundled up. I love the mix of leopard print and faux fur burgundy stole. How fun right?
Booties are Alexandre Wang which I got for an amazing price of $100 at a consignment shop. They were brand new! What a steal.
And though I love c…

Wearing Blush Tones in Honour of Women's International Day Post

Dress Forever 21, ankle boots Zara, socks Asos, bag Winners, jacket old Danier
I’m not quite sure how to define this outfit. I’m also not sure what style I was going for. I started with the dress and wanted to wear more subdued colours with the blush dress. Next item I added were Zara ankle boots which I have been sporting non-stop lately (just check out my Instagram page). The whole getup seemed a little too sexy for a day outing so I added the quirky socks and large round sunglasses. They both made the outfit more fun rather than sexy. A burgundy bag with a guitar strap compliments the blush and rust colours perfectly; and final touch (it is still cold out after all) is this old shearling (like) lined leather jacket.
I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.
And before I leave you to enjoy the pictures, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you ladies a happy Woman's International Day. May you all, as well as the men in your lives, treat you with respect, love and equality …

How to Style a Pink Coat & What Color to Pair it With

Pants Zara, coat thrift store, sweater Lord&Taylor (theBay), shoes Heels, scarf H&M, hat Urban Outfitters, rings Jenny Bird

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to surprise you with another post this week. Wohooo! I chose to do it partially because I have missed posting one week last month, and partially because I have few colder weather outfits that I wanted to share. With the weather getting warmer (or so it appears for now), it would be a little silly to post warm outfits when all you want to see is some spring style inspirations, right? So without further ado, enjoy today’s look. I love mustard yellow and love how beautifully it pairs with pink. This may be one of my favourite colour combos. What do you all say?
Sasha <3