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Canvas Chanel Bag & Casual Spring Outfit

Dress Pull&Bear, bag Chanel (Sharyn Scott Consignment), sneakers unknown, earrings old, sunglasses Aldo (old)
Blogging or more specifically, blog photography has completely become along-the-way-en-route-to-somewhere-or-something kind of photography for me and my blog. This isn’t because I am less interested in the blog or too tired to dedicate specific days and hours in the week to photograph outfits I want to share here. It was actually more of a conscious decision. I love everyday fashion. I love pushing that everyday fashion to become more fun, more magazine or runway inspired than a typical everyday plain outfit, but all this while still remaining comfortable for a real life. I want you to know that everything I share on this blog is my real life outfit and not just styled for the blog.
I love playing dress up, but I lead a real life, and real life is not always fun and games. We all have errands to run, don’t we? One of those errands on Saturday mornings for me is grocery sh…

Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin & Zara Out on the Town

Jeans Topshop (with some DIY), off shoulder top Zara, stilettos Christian Louboutin, clutch Stella McCartney (Sharyn Scott Consignment)
It’s spring and spring brings lots of beautiful things with it. Sunshine, patios, long walks, birds chirping, extra energy in all of us and of course, lighter spring outfits. So to give you some inspiration, I’m doubling up on posts this week.
Today’s I’m sharing outfit I wore exactly a week ago for an evening out with friends. I really wanted to wear this top (again! yes, I know I wore it a lot on my vacation in Portugal), but I really wanted to wear it again. Don’t you all have the same urge to wear that one new piece over and over and over again? I often do. (And yes I'm aware I said "again" three times on two sentences, well four times if we count this one heheh).
Last week Thursday was also the day I received my little package of designer bags from SharynScott Consignment (more about this in the last post). So of course I had to ta…

Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag & Oversized Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Own Saviour, boots Forever 21, bag Marc Jacobs, sunglasses Aldo (old)

I am so happy to share with you several new outfits over the next couple of weeks. I have decided to postpone my vacation outfits until little later in order to share the next few.
Just in time for the weekend, I received a little gift: a few designer bags to play with for some time. The gift was from one of my favourite consignment stores in Montreal, called Sharyn Scott Consignment, so I decided to incorporate them in my wardrobe and create a few outfits to share with all of you. Sharyn, the owner, is one of the sweetest ladies and has been in consignment business for over 25 years. She has amazing designer products at great prices but if you don’t believe, check out her Instagram page SharynScottConsignment.
I bought a bag from her not too long ago (yes the Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette that I am obsessed with and flooding my Instagram feed with), and we have since struck Instagram friendship. She ha…

Heldin Belt with Minimalistic Spring Outfit

Cropped wide legged pants and top Zara, belt Heldin Belt, bag Mango, slides Winners, earrings Mango, bracelets and sunglasses unknown
Hello lovelies! I’m back from an impromptu and much needed vacation in Portugal. Check out my SashaDoll Closet Instagram page for more pictures from the trip. If you haven’t been following me there, you missed out on some fun Instagram stories from the trip.
Just before I left I received my new Heldin Belt and of course had to bring it with me on my trip. As it was a short trip I needed to keep my packing to a minimum. I ended up bringing just a pair of jeans (in which I also travelled), these wide legged cropped pants from Zara, 3 tops and a dress. That was it! These 6 items plus 4 pairs of shoes and a leather jacket created multiple outfits which I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks. It may give you some ideas for your next trip. Nothing worse than lugging around a large luggage especially if you are like me and don’t stay in one place …

Floral Zara Kimono Perfect for Spring

Jeans, kimono & ankle boots Zara, t-shirt old, bag Chanel, sunglasses Urban Outfitters, ring Jenny Bird
Hello lovelies! As I’m slowly packing for my last minute vacation, I stole some time to write a quick little post and share a new outfit. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me wear this outfit on my Instagram stories. Finally I get to share it here on the blog as well.
I am in love with this Kimono from Zara (picture me making a heart sign with my hands as I say this). I have been looking for a good quality one and this one is just perfect. I love the heavy fabric which falls very nicely off the body and moves freely as you walk. Looser jackets of this kind are not necessarily the best fit for those of us with bigger chest, unless you are lucky and also have some hips and a bum to balance it off. I love it much more on girls with smaller chest buy I just had to have it. Pretty much all of the outfit is from Zara. Considering that I have not been shopping much in …

All Black Outfit & a Beret

Dress Forever 21, jacket Zara, bag Louis Vuitton, sunglasses Zumel&co, ring Jenny Bird, hat vintage

This outfit and this post as a whole, is all about the hat. I love a beret. I have since I was a kid. I don’t know if it’s cause I love French culture and language (oui, oui) or because it reminds me of those wonderful times I spent watching French movies with my mom, but I have a strong fondness for these hats. The only issue is that I can’t seem to find one big enough for my head. It’s no joke. I bought a few online and they all just confirm one same thesis: I have a big head. It may not appear so at first, but it certainly is so when I’m buying hats or sunglasses.
Now, you may not catch any French fashionistas sporting this hat today, but love them so, and in my head, they are part of my idea of French culture.
What do you ladies think of berets?

Full Zara Outfit with Statement Karl Lagerfeld Cross-body Bag

Pants, coat, ankle sock boots & sweater Zara, bag Karl Lagerfeld
As I was writing down the list of where each piece of today’s outfit is from, I realized that I’m a walking Zara billboard. I didn’t even realize it all came from Zara when I put this outfit on. Each piece is from a different season however. I do love their classic pieces which mix so well together. As there isn’t much else to say about the outfit, I’ll let you scroll through the pictures. I hope you enjoy it. Love reading your comments on the blog or my Instagram page.
Sasha <3