June 6, 2013

15 Years Anniversary

Today is a 15 years anniversary since the first Sex and the City episode aired. I was way too young when it aired and did not watch the show at its prime, but I got hooked much later. I have a collection of all episodes and both movies. I watch them often when I’m sick or on those cold rainy fall days. They go very well with a nice glass of wine. So, in honour of that…. today’s outfit…..well…it has no relation to it whatsoeverJ. I just wanted to share a fun fact J. I know the show and both movies have many cheesy lines and they are unrealistic, but they are fun and relaxing. And I do have to say though, that SATC is one of those shows that has left a strong mark on the world of fashion and is somewhat to blame for mine and other women’s shoe obsession. It also gave many women the courage to experiment a little more with their clothes and not be afraid to combine the unimaginable. 
What I love about fashion today is that almost anything goes. You are free to do what you please. Don’t get me wrong I still think certain rules should apply and should never, ever, ever be forgotten: no white socks on black shoes (of any kind), no sports socks on dress shoes, no mullets , your private body parts should stay covered – they are not an accessory, etc. This freedom, no longer dictated by rigid rules, allows for an absolute expression of who you are through clothes. Now don’t take me for a rebel, I am so far from one. I just like being free to wear what I want and how I want it: wear a belt tied on my back, combine red and pink (which growing up was a major no-no to the point that there is even a short little poem made up to sing in order to embarrass some poor girl who chose to wear that combination – bullying 101 it seems now), not match my shoes to my belt or my purse, and so on. You are now your own blank canvas to paint on it what you wish. So take risks! Play with it and enjoy! Now, as we were leaving the house to take these pictures, my husband looked at me and said: “Are you sure you are wearing the right outfit? You sure your pants and boots go together?”  I just laughed at him and told him in my eyes, they do. He is still, after all these years, getting used to my choices J. What do you think? Ciao!
PS. (not sure if anyone writes PS any more, but regardless) Today is one of those gloomy and rainy cold days, so maybe I’ll do what I usually do. Put on some Sex and the City episodes and relax with a glass of wine. Cheers!
Jacket Material Girl (The Bay), t-shirt Garage, pants Forever 21, Boots L.A.M.B from Winners, purse Winners, sunglasses Ray Ban, claw bracelet and zipper bracelet Ebay, large turquois ring Ebay, other rings Forever 21 (similar here)


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