June 4, 2013

A Windy Day

These pictures were taken about a week ago on my way to the movie theatre. My friends made me watch Fast and the Furious. All I have to say I will never get those precious minutes of my life back. I can handle unrealistic, but there is a limit. Definitely not my cup of tea. But to get back to the outfit, as that is what the blog should be about J. It was a fairly warm day but there was a cool breeze that kept giving me shivers and I always freeze in the movie theatres as well. So I decided to wear a scarf. I can just hear my mom asking me what is wrong with me wearing boots and a scarf in May J. I also got these boots about less than a month ago. I have this….we will call it issue cause that’s what it is…that I have to wear a new purchase right away. If not the next day then at least within that week. So I have been waiting to wear them longer then it is natural to me, :). It always seemed too warm for them but I decided I could not wait until fall so this was my last chance. And this outfit was in my list of outfits I want to wear, so I went for it. To explain what I mean by the list. I keep a list on my phone, as things pop in my head, of outfits I want to put together. I also keep a folder with my pictures or pictures found on line of looks that I love. There is also a little book of outfits or just items I like/want/need that I ripped out of magazines. They are all kept nicely divided into folders (summer, fall, work, casual, you get the picture). They come in really handy on those days when you just have no inspiration whatsoever what to wear. It may help you not be late for work, or not have your significant other wait for you when going out.  

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