June 12, 2013

A Peplum Top...Need I Say More?

As I promised yesterday, today’s post will end with a short video. This is a first video I ever edited, if I can even call it that. It’s not professionally looking but just my personal video I made to better explain what I did with yesterday’s blazer. You will notice I was quite nervous talking. Hopefully over time I will get little more accustomed to it. It’s weird because I never get nervous talking in front of people or talking to strangers, but put a camera in my face and I feel the jitters coming on. I survived though J. If you hear some weird sounds throughout, don’t adjust your volume, it’s just my dog running around the house and onto the balcony, irritated by a squirrel on the tree opposite the building J.
About today’s outfit. Well before I say anything about the outfit, let me just say that (I’m sure most of you are on board with this) I really need to see some more sun, and real soon. These pasty white legs of mine don’t sell this outfit as well as tanned legs would J. Now, we really can go back to the outfit. This is one of my favourite tops, a peplum. I looked for a good one for a long time. I found many different ones but the material either wouldn't be the best quality or it would be too soft, so peplum part would just hang on the hips. This one is made of a really firm fabric. The top has a little bit of a corset feel because of the ribbon/belt around the waist. But since my trouble area is always my waist, when in doubt, I wear this top. I just had to cut out the lining because certain body parts J could not fit. I really love peplum tops because they are fun, girly, fashionable and most importantly fit every body type just right. My whole outfit today cost under $100, including the jewelry. What do you think? Ciao!
Top H&M, shorts and shoes bought in the US (unknown store), clutch Aldo, black/gold ring The Bay, gold bangles and small rings Forever 21, gold/pink ring, skull bracelet, zipper bracelet and necklace Ebay, gold/black bangle Joe Fresh, other bracelets old.

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