June 16, 2013

And A New Star Is Born

 As promised on Friday in my post or on the Facebook page, I am introducing to you a new star of this blog, Asos belt you see in the pictures. I assure you it will appear on this blog in many, many post to come. I received this amazing belt from Asos (just under $22 with free shipping) on Thursday night and absolutely had to wear it the next day, no question about it (I also wore it out Saturday night with another outfit). I had a business lunch on Friday and this was my version of a business outfit. Little bit of bright colour to welcome the nice weather, nude pumps and of course, the amazing belt to give it some edge and very minimal jewellery, as the outfit was loud enough on its own. I had a toned down black purse but as I am organizing pictures for this post, I realize that I did not take any pictures with it. Oh well this will do this time J.
Speaking of this belt, I saw it quite some time ago somewhere, can’t quite recall where and found a link to Asos. It was however sold out. I searched everywhere. There are few versions on Ebay but they didn’t appear to be of good quality. I had given up on it eventually, but then I went shopping for a wedding dress (one of many weddings I have this year) and the store carried this belt (minus the spikes), but the price tag was $176. As much as I loved it, I could not justify paying more for the belt then the dress. Granted, the one in the store was leather and this one is not. I personally prefer real leather because pleather (or whatever else name you prefer for it) sometimes looks too cheap or threads get loose too quickly, but I guarantee that this one is really well made.  After the shopping, I checked Asos again and found it. I guess it was just meant to be J. What do you think, was this a good way to save a few $$? Ciao!
Aleksandra <3
Pencil skirt H&M, blouse and bracelet Joe Fresh (outlet), pumps Steve Madden, belt Asos, watch Michael Kors.

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