June 26, 2013

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Overalls, shoes and top Stradivarius, clutch Spring (old), bracelets new (little boutique in Madrid), blue ring Ebay, bronze ring F21, earrings Spring (old)

Hello again from beautiful Madrid. I have been trying to maximize my time here, but it seems there is never enough time when you are enjoying yourself. There is so much to see and do, and just sooooo many squares and patios to sit on and relax and take in the beauty. I swear, no matter where I sat down, whether it was in the city centre or in hidden away little streets and squares, when you look around or up, the view is just beautiful. The architecture is amazing! I look at that and then look at our architecture today. What will we leave for our kids to remember us by? Glass or concrete buildings? I know, I know, there are different styles, but somehow I love anything else but modern. And I just love the relaxed attitude of the Spanish and Europeans in general. They never seem to be in a hurry. I guess it’s not that great for the economy but it certainly is for enjoyment of life and keeping your sanity J.

This outfit I am wearing…well it was none of the ones I planned and packed. I went shopping the other day and everything on me is new J. Told you I had an issue, didn’t I? These amazing sexy overalls (dungarees), the shoes and this cropped top I bought in Stradivarius. I love this store. Great prices for great and fun clothes. Their denim is just a perfect combination of cotton and elastin so as to give you a little support but does not flatten your bum. And the styles are very modern too. What are your thoughts on the comeback of overalls? Would you wear them? Hasta pronto!

Aleksandra <3

A difficult task of figuring out what to eat :)

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