June 17, 2013

Summer Uniform

Yet another late evening post. I really have a very good excuse for it. As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, I am getting ready for my trip to Spain. There is usually a lot to do before any trip, but it feels like Murphy ’s Law has really kicked in this time. I am getting swamped from all angels, both personally and professionally. But I am not complaining, just finding excuses for my late posts J. After all, how irrational would I be to complain about little errands when I am going to a wonderful Spain? 4 more days and counting !!!
And with my trip in mind, I have been a really good girl and have stayed away from shopping, both online and in store. I figure, I will do quite a bit of that in Madrid. And for some reason, it always feels like clothes, shoes, etc are always better somewhere else but where you live. I have a list of few things that I really want to get, but we will see how successful I am. A friend of mine told me once she loves shopping with me because I am like her conscience. I won't let her buy everything she likes and I always make her question its need. Then she said if only I could be that same conscience for myself J. I told her that considering how much I browse the stores physically and online, check out other fashion blogs and flip through pages and pages of magazines; how much I tempt myself on daily basis, I am actually doing amazing. It’s all relative right? J As for the outfit, it was a weekend outfit of going to a hairdresser to fix my hair colour, visiting some friends and just enjoying the sunshine. This is pretty much my summer uniform, denim shorts, a t-shirt, lots of jewellery and high heels. Just a reminder that you can also follow me via Bloglovin or Google, on Facebook and on Instragram. Ciao!
Aleksandra <3
Shorts Vanilla Star (Winners), shirt Smart Set, shoes Urban Planet (just $20), purse old Winners, black/gold ring The Bay, gold bangles and small rings Forever 21, gold/pink ring, skull bracelet, zipper bracelet and necklace Ebay, gold/black bangle Joe Fresh, other bracelets old


  1. Love your blog and style. Somehow it is over the top and still appropriate for every day. It would be helpful if you posted the price of the recently purchased items just so we know if it is worth the trip to the store.

  2. Shirt $17, shorts $35. Shoes ($20) are last years but very possible the store will still have them, as they still did in January 2013. All of the Ebay and F21 jewelery is a recent purchase all below $5 each.