June 7, 2013

Sky High

  The long weekend of May, two of my really good friends got married. It was a beautiful, fun, small intimate wedding and I was honoured to be the maid of honour. Finding a dress was not a hard chore because the bride did not have any conditions set on what my dress should or shouldn’t be like, what colour to wear, etc. I was given a complete freedom. My friend only said that whatever I wear, it should be me. So I wore this asymmetrical dress and what made it even more me were these amazing London Trash sandals I got online. They literally arrived the day I drove to Ottawa for the wedding. I picked them up from the post office as we left the house on our trip. It was probably not the smartest idea to wear to a wedding these sky high heels that had never been worn in, but I just could not resist. Remember that issue I mentioned the other day…I have to wear right away any new thing I buy? I don’t know if you have ever been to an Orthodox church wedding, but let me tell you, there is a loooooot of standing and walking; and it is not a short ceremony either. I only took a few pictures as we were busy posing for a real photographer, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway. Happy weekend all! Ciao!
Aleksandra <3
 Beautiful bride and I getting ready 
 Dress (small boutique Queen Street West), sandals Heels, ring Ebay, bracelet old, earrings BeyondtheRack

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