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What You Should Avoid Wearing in Your 30s (&Travelling to Novi Sad Part 2)

Dress Forever 21, earrings Forever 21, belt unknown (flea market), ruffle slides H&M, bag Louis Vuitton Pochette
I hope you enjoyed the last post on Novi Sad. Hopefully you get a chance and visit it one day. Today I’m sharing a new outfit and few more pictures of this city. This time I’m sharing pictures I love taking most. These are pictures of tucked away corners, old signs, worn down buildings and so on. Pictures that tell a less glamorous and more real picture of a city. Same as us humans, cities have its shiny and beautiful side but they wouldn’t be real and whole if they didn’t have that rougher side too. Life has its highs and lows for all of us. Time passes, economies change, life moves on, and that all reflects on architecture and upkeep of any city. They may not be the prettiest corners of any city but they certainly add to its character and speak of some other, maybe, better times. I hope you enjoy this side of Novi Sad too.
Back to the outfit now. I chose to wear some…

You Cannot Miss Out on Visiting This European City (& How to Wear Denim Shorts)

Shorts Levi's, top H&M, slides H&M, handbag Louis Vuitton Pochette
During this trip (if you’re asking which, make sure to read this SashaDollCloset post), I decided to visit several cities throughout Serbia & Greece. Besides just sharing outfits I will also share with you a little bit info about each city (most of them anyway). I know you can probably find better more professional photos online at a click of a button, but I’m sharing photos of these cities as seen through my eyes. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
You’ve already had a chance to view some photos from my visit to Western Serbia as seen in these posts, and today I share with you a new outfit and only some of the photos of beautiful city Novi Sad. This is the second largest city in Serbia but compared to Belgrade still significantly smaller. It has a completely different vibe then Belgrade. Belgrade is big, rough, fast paced, sometimes confusing, not perfectly planned, and located on 7 hills, while Novi Sad is a com…

Perfect Summer Outfit: Rosie Assoulin Inspired Red Blouse & Zara Wide Leg Pants

Top SheIn, pants Zara, bag SheIn, sandals Forever 21
I’ve finally had some time to clear out my pictures from my phone and create some more space on it. I’ve gotten tired of deleting one picture at a time only to create little more room for a new one. You know that mild panic that hits you when you phone tells you there’s no more space on it and you were just about take one of the best pictures yet? Well, I had a few of those moments so I finally got around to clearing out my phone and backing it up.
While doing so, I came across this outfit I wore a few months ago that I never got around to posting, so here it is. It’s still relevant as summer is still here. I wanted to pair these amazing Zara palazzo pants with something just as flowy and fun so I chose this Rosie Assoulin dupe top from Shein website.
I fell in love with this top first time I saw it on the pictures from New York Fashion week for spring/summer 2017 and really wanted to have it. It’s quite out of my budget so I was …

What to do When Travelling Western Serbia (& my Outfits)

If you read my lastpost, you know I had been travelling Western Serbia and as promised, I’m sharing few more photos and things to do here. This region doesn’t have big cities and is best known for it’s nature. Besides visiting Drvengrad, here are few more things you can do here:
1.About a 10-minute walk from Drvengrad which you saw in the last post, you can find one of the oldest moveable railway museums in Europe. You can hope aboard a vintage train from the early 1920s and ride in it through one of the most beautiful region of this country. You will love the experience of being on the train but the scenery will leave you speechless and at peace. Train runs twice a day so make sure to check the schedule first. They even offer logging so you can stay in one of their apartments. There are 3 stray dogs here but they are so docile and welcome you as you come in. Consider them to be your hosts :) Ciro Rail Station Museum
2.Second activity you can do here, and I’m sure you will enjoy thoro…