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Roadtrip to Boston: Layered Fall Outfit with Over-the-knee Boots & Moto Jacket

Boots Aldo, dress H&M, sweater & leather jacket Zara, stole vintage, bag Proenza Schouler Outfit in the last picture: Victoria's Secret Pink joggers, All Star sneakers, Banana Republic t-shirt, Zara moto jacket, Proneza Schouler bag
After a longer absence and a much needed mini vacations, I’m back and sharing with you some new outfits. Just about a week ago or less I went to Boston with couple of girlfriends for some much needed, girls only, mini vacation. Our moto was: only feminine energy allowed! This meant leaving behind all that male energy we accumulate on our really demanding jobs.
I heard many good things about Boston before, but I gotta say I fell in love with it when I actually visited. Last year the girls only trip was in Chicago, and though it is a beautiful city, I loved Boston way, way more. Chicago gets so much credit for beautiful architecture, but I gotta be honest and say I much prefer that of Boston. It’s old, more intimate, warm. It’s streets are somewh…

Over-sized Sleeves, Cozy Zara Sweater & Leather Outfit

Boots Aldo, skirt New Yorker, sweater Zara, bag Chanel, earrings vintage
Gotta love Zara! Gotta love this sweater! It was love at first sight (I know, I know I say that a lot). If you love it too, you should be able to still find it in the store. I love the oversized sleeves in particular. Anyone else crazy about this trend?  My brain is a little fried this week do I won't talk much. Too much to do, too little time before my trip to Boston this weekend. So I am leaving you with this quick post and hope you enjoy the pictures and the outfit.
Sasha <3

Classics: Chanel & White Shirt

Jeans Topshop, sandals Boohoo, shirt Zara (old), bag Chanel, watch Michael Kors
It's bee a while since I've planned an outfit for a photo shooting session. Most of them over the last year have been in promptu photo sessions while I'm on my way to somewhere. And despite all the planning, as I was rushing out of the house, I forgot to bring all the pieces I intended to wear with this outfit. So improvisation was the next logical step. The location I chose also didn't turn out to be as photogenic as I had planned, but it will do just fine. 
It's a simple outfit of jeans and a white shirt. I bought these high waist, two tone jeans from Topshop not too long ago. I have been looking a long time for a pair of high waist jeans. I don't have pronounced hips or pronounced small waist (whichever way you want to take it) so most of them end up making me look like a column with no curves. Even when I'm going for a more tomboyish look, I still like to feel feminine (I kn…