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Monochrome Look Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Sneakers All Star, jacket Zara old (similar leather jacket or budget friendly), sweater Express, scarf Joe Fresh, sunglasses Aldo, jeans old unknown (similar gray jeans), cross body bag (unknown)
It has been about two weeks since my last post. I had full intention on sharing today’s outfit with you last weekend, but my weekend had a sad twist to it. My dog of 10 years passed away last Saturday and I have not been myself since. I’m getting better from day to day. Slowly. Finding the norm without him in my life. I will be putting up a post about him in a few days. I know that this blog is about fashion mostly, but here and there I also share with you some of my opinions, experiences and personal stories. And he was at centre stage of my personal life story.

When these pictures were taken, he was still with us; in fact, he was making this shoot difficult as he kept getting into every shot heheheh. I won’t talk much about him here. This post will be just about this fall outfit. Well….from n…

Chicago Part II - Sporty Chic in Leather Pants & Sneakers

Pants New Yorker, sneakers H&M, cropped top Forever 21, jacket Material Girl (The Bay), cross body bag Rebecca Minkoff, scarfs H&M & Forever 21, watch Michael Kors, wrist scarf H&M, ring The Bay
Today I’m sharing with you my second outfit from Chicago. I will not share all of the outfits I wore. Honestly, we were too busy walking, having fun, laughing, enjoying the views and taking selfies (hehehe), that taking outfit pictures was not a priority. Also, as I already said in my previous post, I had not packed well enough for this trip so the outfits were not, in my opinion, the most photogenic for the blog.
This outfit today I wore for a day of shopping and eating. I wanted to wear something that comes off easily when trying on clothes in the changerooms. There is nothing worse than when you wear a cute but layered outfit that takes forever to take off. You end up getting tired from just that and it ruins your shopping day. I also needed comfortable shoes as it was anot…

Chicago Part One - Chelsea Boots & Jersey Dress

Dress H&M, Chelsea style booties Express, scarfs Forever 21 & H&M, backpack David Jones Paris (Winners), Denim jacket old

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since my trip to Chicago. I'm only getting around to posting these pics today. It was the first half of October and we were going to a "windy city". Though I did know what the real reason for its nickname Windy City was, I still knew it actually was a windy city. It is located on the border of a great lake, just like Toronto, therefore it is bound to be windy. Especially considering it was fall already. To be honest I was in one of those style ruts where you don't feel inspired to dress, plus I left it for the last minute to pack. Needless to say I was not properly packed for this trip. First I brought the most random pieces of clothing and second, I brought too many warm clothes. And by the pictures here,  you can tell I did not need any of them. It was a beautiful fall long weekend in …