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Welcome to Miami - Road Trip

When I say Miami, do I need to say more? Loved visiting this fun city. Loved the beaches, loved the crowd, loved the sunshine, loved Little Havana, loved salsa dancing in Little Havana, loved roosters running around free in Little Havana, loved amazing coffee at Los Punarenos Fruteria
(not too crazy about sugar cane juice, little too sweet for me) and great food at El Pub Restaurant. We stayed around 49th street so we spent some time at a beach of our hotel and some time at the beach by Ocean Drive. We got around mostly on bikes. Why would one want to spend any time in the car at all? I believe 3 maximum 4 days is a perfect length of time to stay in Miami. The South Beach is the liveliest Thursday through Saturday. Sunday night it already starts getting more quiet. Prices in South Beach are definitely on a high side so prepare to spend. Miami and Little Havana are definitely reasonable. 
Do you have any recommendations for my next visit?
Sasha <3

Road Trip in Florida: Panama City Beach, Clearwater & Siesta Keys/Anna Maria Beach

I gave you a little break from vacation outfits but now I am going back to my road trip and sharing my experiences with you. Our next 3 stops were in the south of Florida: Panama City Beach, Clearwater Beach and Siesta Keys & Anna Maria Beaches. These are all beautiful beaches with amazing white, extremely fine sand. Panama City beach had a bit fluffier sand then the other two. I will talk more about them a bit later. The water was also not very calm. I love playing in the waives so I really enjoyed my two day stay at this beach. Maybe the reason why I also loved it so much was because it was a first beach (other than lake beaches) that I have been to in the last two years. Last summer I didn’t end up going anywhere south so the feel of the ocean and sand sure felt amazing. Panama City Beach is mainly family oriented vacation destination. It’s mostly composed of hotels and resorts. There is not too much to do in the evening except for a few bars, but it’s great for families and f…