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Winter Layering with Over The Knee Boots (& a Visit to Ripley's Aquarium)

Jeans Zara, boots Aldo, jacket Danier old (similar jacket or check out Ebay), bag Chanel (vintage), scarf unknown, fur sole vintage
I hadn’t planned to post this outfit on the blog, only on Instagram, but I had too many beautiful pictures of my excursion to the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium that I just had to share. If I had shared even half of them on my Instagram account, I’m pretty sure complaints would start coming in for posting too much, and inundating the Instagram feed hehehe. Anywhoo, I have a few pictures of the outfit too, so this still counts as an outfit post right? Winter has finally arrived to Toronto (temperature wise, but still no snow) so it was quite cold to walk outside, but my layering skills have improved over the years so I can now tolerate the cold. I used to wear bulky sweaters or shirts to keep warm but have realized that it’s not the thickness that counts (I am talking about clothes, please get your mind out of the gutter!), but the number of layers and materia…

Color Block Maxi Coat

Coat Sheinside, pumps Privileged (Heels), backpack David Jones (Winners), earrings JLO (old), sunglasses Aldo, turtleneck (H&M), jeans Joe Fresh
As promised yesterday on my Instagran account, a new outfit post is here. I have been taking it easy this holiday season, so this new post is a little over due. Actually, if you walked into my house now, you would still think it’s Christmas. My tree is still up. Well, I have a few reasons for it. First, Orthodox Christamas and New Year which I celebrate are on the 7th and 14th of January, so I have a good reason to keep the tree up longer. But also, I just love the warmth it gives to the home, so I choose to keep it longer for that reason too. I am not however going to mention that I hate undoing the tree and storing away decorations, cause you may think I am lazy. God forbid! J
I have been wanting to show you this coat for quite some time. Of course, it’s an imitation of a designer coat, but my version is waaaay cheaper and affordable fo…


We’ve all said goodbye to the 2015. I love New Year celebration for many reasons, but mostly because this is a period of the year we all take the time to look at the year behind us. I would hope we all take that time to go over our successes and everything that we should be thankful for, but also to take time to think of how we can be a better person in the new year; not necessarily more successful, but better as humans. It is also a time to spend thinking of those whom we’ve lost. For me one of the hardest periods of this past year was a loss of my silly, loving and gorgeous dog Rio.
I just wanted to take a moment to share with you a post about him, and share a few pictures of us, taken over the last 10 amazing years. As hard as it is not having him in my life any more, I can’t be but thankful for every moment we did have together. He has made me happy every single day, been there for me through tough periods, made me smile countless times and, I would like to think, made me a bett…