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Chanel Classic Bag: Where to find Best Designer Consignment

Heels Manolo Blahnik, jeans Joe Fresh, shirt Banana Republic, Sweater Zara, coat Forever 21, bag Chanel (Luxe Touch Designer Consignment)
Hello my lovelies! I’m kicking off this week with a new post. I know I talked about this topic before, but it’s always a fun one for me to bring up. What am I talking about? Vintage and consignment shopping. There is something fun and exciting about going to these stores and never knowing what piece of treasure you will come across.
One of those stores is Luxe Touch Designer Consignment in Cambridge. If you’re looking for a great designer find with a great price tag, make sure to visit them. And before you even think it, let me say this is not a paid post. I was just so impressed by their selection of luxury items, great prices and customer service that I had to share.
I met Cyndee in the fall at the Toronto vintage show. I was impressed by the collection of Chanel bags she had displayed. We got to talking and I learned a lot about her and her new s…

Two Winter Staples: Statement Coat & Over the Knee Boots

Coat Zara, boots Forever 21, sweater-dress Winners, bag David Jones
Paris, ring H&M
One of the fun things about winter are statement coats. Downside is that it’s too cold to leave them open to showcase what’s underneath. I managed to fake it like I was not cold at all for 5  minutes to snap these few pictures and ran right back to the car to defrost, hehehe.
Enjoy this old but still fun Zara coat and these new Forever 21 OTK boots.
Sasha <3

You Must do This When You Visit Toronto

Boots Aldo, coat vintage, jeans Zara, turtleneck & blazer H&M, bag Chanel
Couple of weeks now, I wanted to play a tourist in my city. Sometimes when you live in the city you don’t necessarily visit all of the heritage or historical buildings that you would as a tourist. For years I would walk by Osgoode Hall in Toronto, take pictures in front of it, but never actually go in. Well, on Boxing day I decided to do just that. I was so excited to finally explore this building. I checked online the hours of operation and everything looked good. I made my way to it only to find all of the doors locked. WTH! I kept checking the time to make sure I was not late, but I wasn’t. I found a bell and rang. I thought maybe this was the way to go in. You had to be let in ( I know it wouldn’t make much sense especially on busy days, but I was keeping my hopes alive). A voice answered and to my disappointment said the Osgoode Hall is closed. I had forgotten it was a holiday (Boxing Day) and the H…

When A Life Throws You a Curveball (Fight it off with a Metallic Biker Jacket)

Jacket Forever 21, jeans Joe Fresh, lilac stilettos Heels, cashmere sweater Lord&Taylor from TheBay, cross-body bag Rebecca Minkoff
This post was to start completely differently. While I was writing it I received some bad news about one of my best friend’s mom. It automatically made what I was about to write completely meaningless in relation to the life as a whole. Fashion and clothing are considered to be shallow. They have no deep meaning.  From time to time I get comments about wasting my time with fashion and my blog. So I chose not to post anything today.
But as I contemplate about life (your 30s seem to be the time for that), I realize life is what you make of it. Life is about being happy and doing what makes you happy, so that you can make those around you happy. If you don’t fuel yourself, you can’t fuel those around you. Energy is transferrable and I chose that my energy be a positive one. I know that fashion, this blog, talking to people, inspiring and being inspired m…