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Back To The Future

Dress Ebay, heels Manolo Blahnik, denim jacket Material Girl (The Bay), bag unknow (Winners), sunglasses Old Navy, belt unknown old, necklace and watch unknown, ring Ebay, two small rings and earrings Forever 21
We are jumping back to the 40s with today’s midi length dress and pleats. I love pleated skirts but they are often hard to pull off on me considering I don’t have accentuated waist, aka boyish body shape. I love this dress which I found on Ebay but was not sure if it would fit me right. I do have to wear it with a thinner belt to keep my waist synched in, but also because it gives the dress a more finished look. I love how feminine it looks. And of course, my favourite Manolos are there to give it some colour too. I actually got several elderly men in their 70s and 80s tell me I look nice the day I wore this dress. Maybe it brings back some memories to their youth. (I did not get any perv vibes, I don’t think hehehe). Quite a bit of a contrast from last week’s biker boots looks…

Seeing Stripes

Dress Forever 21, necklace Target, heels Forever 21, bag H&S Handbags, bracelet Joe Fresh
Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are ready for a new week to start. This week I am continuing with a fall styles themed week, and this time it is mid century skirts/dresses. To be exact skirts and dresses that represent 40's, 50's and 60's, from midi lengths, pencil skirts, mod style and so on. These decades were more than prominent on the fall season runways. Of course all looks are translated into today's fashion. Stay tuned to see what I had in mind. Let's start with the 60's and the Mod movement.  Today was a special day for me. I had the privilege of being a godmother of a gorgeous little princess Viktoria. For this special event I wore this mod style dress from Forever 21. I'm realizing now that I have an obsession with stripes. So much so, that a few days ago I came home with two identical shirts but from two different stores. I also brought home tot…

Weekend Hello

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and leaving you with some August Instagram pictures and of course, outfit recap of the week. Ciao!
Aleksandra <3 1. Waiting for the fairy   2. Mykonis streets   3. Me chillin' in Mykonos
1. Cooling off at the beach  2. Breakfast view in Mykonos  3. On my moped taking a shameless selfie 1. This is not shameless cause it's two of us  2. Beach essentials 1. With my mom and sister on the way to a wedding  2. Adding to the collection  3. Europe here we come! Couple more selfies and my baby camouflaged in our bed 1. Staying cool  2. Outfit post  3. Still waiting for them to arrive in the mail! 1. Chilling in one of Belgrade's million cafes  2. Somewhat healthy breakfast  3. Outfit post collage

On The Dark Side

Sunglasses Ray Ban, shirt Forever 21, necklace unknown, tights Express, boots Urban Behavior, claw bracelet, zipper bracelet and ring Ebay, black and white bracelet Joe Fresh, leather bag Hype (Winners) I’m leaving you this week with a casual and a bit darker outfit than usual. Perfect for a cool day and with a flat boot, great for running errands. Just add a spacious leather bag to fit all of your essentials and get going. And of course, spice it up a bit with some red lipstick. I’m back next week with another fall theme. Stay tuned! Ciao! Poslednji outfit ove sedmice je takodje casual ali i malo tamniji nego obicno. Savrsen za hladnjikav dan, a uz ravne cizme, odlican za trcanje po gradu i zavrsavanje obaveza. Dodajte samo vecu koznu tasnu sa puno prostora koja vam omogucava da nosite sve svoje neophodne sitnice i spremne ste. I naravno, malo crvenog karmina nikad nije na odmet. Vidimo se sledece sedmice sa novom jesenjskom temom. Cao! Aleksandra <3 

Battling The Wind

Shorts H&M, top Dynamite, scarf Zara, clutch unknown Ebay, boots Aldo, ring The Bay, bracelets Aldo, watch Michael Kors, jacket Le Chateau Another casual outfit which can transition from summer to fall by adding boots, a scarf and of course a leather jacket. You're probably already getting sick of mine since it has been in all posts this week. But I just couldn't wait to wear it again. The season for light jackets such as leather is not very long here in Canada. We go from summer to winter in a very short time, so I'm enjoying it as much as I can :). I bought this scarf in Zara in Belgrade. I saw it here in the stores but they only had it in gray. I've never been much for sculls but I really love it on this scarf. Sculls with some spike bracelets and tough boots,  give an edge to an otherwise simple outfit. I'm really sorry for my hair though. The day these pictures were taken it was so windy that after a while I just gave up the battle. Do you like this look? …

A Little Bit Of Sexy

Dress Urban Behavior, jacket Le Chateau, scarf Zara, boots Aldo, rings Ebay, clutch Rabiosa
Hello ladies! Today I thought I would do an outfit which is a bit more sexy. I wore this old mini dress which I bought primarily for its colour and then also for its mesh back. I love the contrast of the green against black and white. If I wore it with heels it would be just a tad too sexy, but again the boots give it a more casual vibe. I would wear this to go out with friends too. I prefer this more subdued look. I don’t like clothes that SCREAM sexy. I believe sexiness comes from within, from you being comfortable with yourself and how you look. If your style is not to wear heels a lot and you feel you must wear them to go out to look sexy, I’m going to tell you don’t do it! You most likely will walk funny in them and might have to sit the night out or take them off completely. You will definitely look more confident and sexy wearing flats but walking in them like a pro. What do you think? Ci…