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Office Appropriate

Pants & blouse Joe Fresh, bag Danier, sweater H&M, leopard print heels Lauren Marinis

Yesterday was a very big day for Canada. We won gold in Men's hockey just a few days after women's hockey team also won gold. So today, I decided to go with this Canadian theme and honour some more Canadians, this time Canadian retailers. Who, do you ask? Today I'm wearing pants and silk blouse both from Joe Fresh and one of my favourite bags from Danier. You have already seen me wear both on the blog. I wore the green pants few months ago, and the blouse was styled a bit dfferently in this outfit post. Since Canada played against Sweden in the finals in hockey, I figured I'd give them a bit of a shout out too with my H&M sweater :). And I guess what better time to post this outfit then today Monday as it is also office appropriate, so if you lack outfit ideas for work this week, here is one. I'm finally starting to feel better after being very sick so I have a lot to smile about. Happy Monday all! Ciao!

Juce je za Kanadu bio veliki dan. Muski hokejaski tim, samo nekoliko dana nakon zenskog, je osvojio zlato na Olimipijadi. A svi vec znate da je hokej najomiljeniji sport u ovoj zemlji. Tako da sam danas odlucila da ispostujem jos neke Kanadjane, a to su Kanadske modne firme. Svilena bluza i pantalone su iz Joe Fresh a tasna, jedna od mojih omiljenih, je iz Danier prodavnice. I zelene pantalone i svilenu bluzu sam vec nosila na blogu i pre. A posto je Kanada igrala u finalu protiv Svedske, odlucila sam i njih da obelezim takodje, uz dzemper is H&M :). Uz to, outfit je takodje prilagodjen i radnim prilikama pa ako vam zahvali ideja sta da obucete na posao ove sedmice, nadam se da ce vam ovaj post pomoci. Ja se napokon pocinjem oporavljati od jakog virusa od pre nekoliko dana, tako da imam dosta razloga za osmeh. A vama zelim divna ponedeljak. Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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  1. gorgeous outfit for office. Not all in the world can be black or white for the office. I´ve got a pair of pants in a similar colour and I love them!
    thanks for your comment on my blog. I would love to invite you to participate in a giveaway I´ve posted on the blog. x.o.x.o.


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