August 4, 2013

July Instagram

Hello my dears. I know I owe you a new outfit post tonight being that it is a Sunday, but I have been a little disorganized this weekend. It's a long weekend here in Canada so it means that we are off on Monday, and due to this I left Toronto and came to visit my parents. As I was rushing to leave my house I forgot my camera!! What a disaster :).  Couple of my friends got married yesterday, the cutest couple :) so I really needed the camera not just to photograph my outfit but also to have a few nice pictures from the wedding with the beautiful couple, instead of just low quality phone camera shots. The wedding was in Waterloo (for those of you in Europe not Waterloo, Belgium, we have our own Waterloo here), so it did not make sense for me to drive back one+ hour to get the camera. So no outfit post tonight :(. Luckily I did get to snap a few pictures with the couple. I guess I will have try and redo my makeup and hair again and snap a few pictures tomorrow. Lets hope I'm as successful as I was yesterday at this! So I am leaving you with a few July Instagram photos to keep you busy till tomorrow. Canada, have a fun long weekend, and the rest of the world, enjoy your Sunday evening! Its back to work for the rest of you tomorrow :). Ciao!

Aleksandra  <3

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