August 16, 2013

Flower Power

Heels Pour la victoire (Winners), dress Smart Set old (similar here and here and here), jacket Miss Sixty, leather bag Ebay, sunglasses and bracelets Aldo, watch Michael Kors, ring The Bay 

Hello ladies. No don't worry, you are not losing your mind, it is not Thursday still. The post is a little late. I was running around town finishing errands and packing as I am leaving today to Europe for 3 weeks, so I lost track of time. And then had some technical difficulties so it made no sense to me to post in the middle of the night. Yes, I was up till 3 AM this morning and am up again and it is only 7AM. I guess I will sleep like a baby on the plane :). You know those days when you are already busy as it is, and then a whole bunch of new things have to come up or you encounter problem after problem. Well yesterday was that kind of day for me. But it is a new day today and so far it has been good :). Even pictures yesterday would not come out right. It was a bit later in the day when we went to my usual location to shoot them, so after I reviewed them none of them were good. I was about to give up on the post for last night but decided to give it one last try. So we shot a few pictures in the basement of my building (I'm sure you can tell) because it had gotten dark outside. They came out ok. Those of you photography experts don't give me hard time :). So here are the results.
As for the outfit I chose to wear this fun bright floral dress. I actually bought it year and a half ago. I wore it a few times and then never again. It was actually knee length so I would usually wear it to the office or a more serious event. But to freshen it up, I had it hemmed and it is now great for the summer. I am in a love/hate relationship with floral pattern. I either love it (like this dress) or really hate it. It's a tricky trend for me. I don't like looking too girly/romantic and also don't like to look matronly, like an old woman. And florals, depending on the pattern and colour can do just that. I think I will stick to wearing them on a dress only and shoes too. Jackets and jeans, not my style. How about you, do you like floral trend? Ciao
Aleksandra <3


  1. Hi I have just nominated your cool blog for the Liebster Award!

    1. Thank you for the nomination. I am away on vacation for another 2 weeks. I will complete the questionnair upon my return. THank you again :)