August 24, 2013

Hello From Europe

Hello my ladies. I apologize for being MIA but I have been a busy girl on this vacation. Coming back home and visiting family and friends takes up quite a bit of time. Too many things to see and do, too many people to see and too much food to try. I always need a vacation from a vacation being here. I have also not had access to a computer and internet at the same time. Usually I have one or the other but not both, so blog has been suffering a bit. Thank you to all of those who sent me nice messages on Facebook and emails telling me you miss my daily posts. I promise to make it up when I return. I will try and sneak in a post soon but not this coming week for sure. I am off to beautiful Mykonos, Greece so I will update you about my trip when I get back. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your last few days of August as well. I am leaving you with a few pictures of Mykonos to enjoy. I will let you know if it is as beautiful as these pictures when I get back. Ciao!
Aleksandra <3

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