July 17, 2013

Sugar Coated Giveaway

Hello my dears. I have decided to do another beauty post today. I was sure I was not going to do many beauty posts, but this is already second one in 2 weeks. Never say never! I really wanted to share these products with you because I use them every day, and I absolutely love them. So if you have read my very first post here, you will know I love to share my great finds and share my experiences. These products will work for everyone, well most of you anyway.

I will start of with the eye cream I use daily. I realized that I mentioned using the eye cream in my last beauty post here, but did not give you the name or make. This one is from France Laure Cosmetics. You actually get two products in one. It can be used for both around eyes and lips. Those of you who smoke, really do need to worry about your lip lines as well. You just need a little bit of product and you are set. It will last you a long time. And for those of you who love a great Canadian product or just love to support Canadian products, this one is for you. All Canadian line and made in Canada too.
Keeping with the theme of skin protection, I would like to talk about everyday sun protection. I always wondered how face creams with SPF really work. We all hear that you have to reapply your sun screen throughout the day. Now do you all carry your face cream with you in your purse? Kind of heavy and inconvenient I'll say. Also, if you wear makeup, and most of us girls do, whether it's only a blush, you cannot apply face cream over it. Or are we supposed to carry our face wash too to wash our face before applying the cream? Well, I got a great product for you. Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care Instant Mineral SPF. It is a translucent powder that goes on your face over your makeup. You can keep reapplying it all day long and you will not feel a thing. It will not affect your makeup, you will not get that cakey feel even if you have oily skin. It comes in different SPFs and also for oily or aging skin. Oh, one great thing, it comes in a compact little brush so it fits in your purse or a clutch just perfectly. Apply it every time you leave the house, even as you are walking. If you are going for a long drive, you can also brush it on you hands (they show age spots first) and apply it on your neck as well. If you will be spending a whole day on the beach in the sun, maybe you should use something more heavy since you will be going in the water as well and sweating more excessively. This is your everyday product. I am not sure where in the stores you can find it, but just visit Sephora or Google it and you will not have any problems finding a local distributor. I love it and I guarantee you will too.
Moving onto make up. I love make up but I can't say I experiment much with it. I have dry skin so foundation usually dries it even more and creates wrinkles even when I don't have any. I was told I make a lot of face gestures when I speak so maybe that explains it :). When I was in Europe few years ago I tried Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum and have been committed to it since. The texture is absolutely amazing. It covers all imperfections without that cakey feel. You do not even notice at all that you have any foundation on your face. Just make sure you blend. I have suggested it to a lot of my friends with different skin types and it worked perfectly for all of them. And it's a real bargain too. For the summer months, I don't like using foundation at all. I feel like I can't breath. This product is so lightweight that you will not feel it at all. If you are still not certain, mix it with your face cream for an even lighter texture and there you have it. Don't spend money on BB creams, they are exactly that, mixture of face cream and foundation. Bourjois foundation comes in different tints but they don't come in dark shades in Canada, so unfortunately it won't work on darker skin tones. I use Light Bronze shade, which is the darkest available in Canada. It works great on me and on a friend of mine who has a much darker complexion then me. The texture of the product makes it possible, but if you have a really dark skin, try it out in the store first. And make sure you check out what it looks like on you in daylight. Let me know what you think.
Lastly, I am really excited to share this wonderful new product from Sally Hansen. If you love how white nail polish looks like on other people or magazine pictures, but when you put it on your nails it looks like you just brushed on some white out, this is a great product for you. I had the same issues and was more then ecstatic when I discovered Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured nail polish. It comes in several shades, but I love the white. When you put it on it gives you a perfect cover with texture which looks like exactly as the name says, sugar. I am so excited about it that I decided to give one off. To win it, follow these steps:
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