July 11, 2013

Joining The 30s Club! Yikes!

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Well today is my big birthday. I am turning 30! All I have to say is OMG! I know that sounds more like a teenager talking, but I am somewhat speechless. Partially because I don’t feel mature enough for it. Maybe I have this vision that in your thirties you are more serious when it comes to everything including what you wear. Or maybe I am having midlife crisis at 30. Is that possible? I’m kidding of course. It does feel a bit weird but I feel great. Everyone tells me that your thirties are your best years. I guess we will wait and see.
I am posting tonight one last outfit from Spain. I obviously can’t shoot the pictures tonight of my birthday outfit, put it on my computer, edit and post and all of this while making it to dinner on time J. So I will post today’s outfit tomorrow and I am leaving you with this, what I think, stunning outfit. As you know I tried to travel light so I wore certain clothes several times combined differently. I am sure you can already tell that I wore this skirt most. I am finally pairing it with something more dressy. I wore this outfit twice while there, once in Madrid and once in Malaga (as you can tell by different makeup and hair). Who will know anyway? J The corset I bought on Ebay because I cannot find a simple black corset with the appropriate cup size ANYWHERE. The shoes you have already seen here, are my dear Gucci pair. The black necklace, if I can call it that, is my little experiment. It is actually cloth that I bought in a sewing store. It is meant to me sown on dresses and shirts (those grandma-ish like dresses), but I used it as a necklace. I sew on little snaps on the back and voila. I love it personally! It also helps cover my girls a bit, because the corset really does a great job of displaying them (a bit too much for my liking). How do you like this version of my favourite maxi skirt? Ciao!
Aleksandra <3

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