July 3, 2013

Strolling The Streets Of Madrid

Dress Mendocino, belt Blanco, boots old Urban Planet, bag Cut n’Paste Winners, earrings old Spring, chain ring H&M, bird ring street buy Madrid, sunglasses Ray Ban.

As I spent 4 days in Madrid alone until around 5PM while my husband was at his conference, I managed to use every moment to the maximum and see as much as I could (along with some shopping of course). I would stroll the streets sometimes unsure of my direction. I spent most of the time looking up at the buildings. I know Madrid is not THE best city in Europe for its architecture, but I loved it regardless. I would stop to rest a bit on patios with a cup of coffee but mostly I walked a lot. I get myself into trouble sometimes not realizing how much I have crossed one way, that I can barely make it home. I did just this couple of days before we left for Malaga. I crossed about 7K in these boots in the summer heat. I tried to walk in the shade as much as possible but the asphalt gets so hot that the shade doesn’t help that much. I had to purchase in the end flats/sandals because I could not bare it any more. They came in handy going to the beach in Malaga as I had not brought any beach appropriate footwear.
As for the outfit, it is another white summer dress I bought in Mendocino outlet for $45 paired with my new belt from Blanco, summer boots and the blog regular, Cut n’Paste bag from Winners. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this dress, as it is great for both day and night. I absolutely love the sheer back and the buttons.White dress is a must for the summer months in my books. Your thoughts?

Aleksandra <3

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