July 2, 2013

For The Love Of Flamenco

Shoes Gucci, dress Winners, ring with chain (H&M), bird ring and earrings (street buy Madrid)

I came back to Canada today but I have still not managed to unpack. I am too busy reminiscing of my trip to Spain. One of our last nights in Madrid, I really waned to go to a Flamenco dinner/show called Corral de la Moreria. Most of the people that go there are tourists but none the less it is amazing. There is a separate small dining room if you want a formal dinner but you can also have some tapas at the show in the main room. The performers are absolutely amazing! At the risk of sounding like a typical tourist and appear amazed with stereotypes of a country I am visiting, I have to say that to me Flamenco is a great symbol of Spain (amongst others things of course). Since I was a little girl I was absolutely mesmerized with the dance, the dresses, the sound of the Spanish guitar and by the raspy, emotional, strong and charming voices of the singers. I loved that it was in a smaller dark restaurant instead of on a big stage as it gives more of a real feel. As far as my experience goes. This is one of the main reasons I started learning Spanish in the first place. In one of the future posts I will post a couple of videos from the performance for your enjoyment.

I wore a simple white mini dress again with very minimal jewelry and my favourite shoes, my one and only Gucci heels. I scored these babies on Ebay brand new for more then half their price. And yes, they are original J. Any of you enjoy a little flamenco?

Aleksandra <3

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