July 25, 2013

Alternative To A Dress

Leather bag Ebay, bracelet Forever 21, necklace gift, corset Ebay, belt Asos, pants Zara

This is a last outfit post for the week. I have dedicated three days this week to providing suggestions for wedding attire ideas and will end the week with a post on the same topic. Just as the previous two posts, this is also an outfit that can be worn from day to night just by switching your top and jewellry, so that you always get more for your money. Before I go on, please disregard my tired face. I was up late with a friend and my face/eyes always give me away the next day :).
I have been thinkging lately about what is appropriate wedding attire. Who made it a must to wear a dress only? What if you are the type of a person that does not like to wear dresses? Or maybe you just don't want to blend with the crowd? I always love to see a celebrity wear a glamorous sexy suit to an event where everyone is wearing dresses only. I think they really stand out and look fierce. I personaly don't wear dress pants a lot, it is either jeans or skinny type pants but rarely dress pants. As you know from my previous post here, I am in love with these Zara mustard yellow dress pants. I have paired them here with my corset which you have seen me wear here and here, and with my favourite belt. You can wear it with your hair down, but I love it with the hair in an updo so that your shoulders and collarbone really show off (since you are not showing off your legs). Is there anything more sexy then the woman's neck and collarbone? What do you think of this alternative? Ciao!

Aleksandra <3


  1. OMG those trousers are amazing :D :D :D you look gorgeous xx

    Gem | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks hun :)
      love your blog. We may have to talk soon :)

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  3. You inspire me to try and pull of a colored pair of trousers.