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What You Must Do Before You Take Off on a Life-changing Trip

Shorts H&M, off-shoulder top Forever 21, sandals Noa Boho

If you read my post from August 3 you know I've taken 6 months away from home and have been here in Europe since July. I took the trip for some personal reasons I can't share on the blog, but being that it's a 6 (roughly) month trip to Europe I had made some travel plans and of course, just as we all do, had expectations. Expectations about what the trip should look like, progress, things that I will do, experiences I will be exposed to, free time I will have to explore some other interests and ideas I have, lessons I will learn.

If you are looking to do a similar longer trip, possibly student exchange, teach language abroad, work abroad or maybe looking to do one of those life changing trips, here are a few tips before you go:

Tip #1: Know your fears about this trip. Know your concerns. Don’t let fear stop you from taking that step. Write them down. Sometimes they may seem bigger when unspoken. For me, it was being away from my immediate family & friends.
Tip#2: Be true to yourself about what you are looking for from the trip.
Tip#3: What lessons/experiences do you expect to have?

Next, enjoy your trip and see how it all develops. Happy travelling!

As for me, next stop on this travel was Greece. I did something I have been wanting to do for years! I’m doing a road trip in a camper. Yes, you read this right. Camper. And yes, all of the outfits you see me posting on my Instagram page fit into the camper. Let’s just say I am good at organizing hehehehe.
I started off with Thessaloniki. It’s the second biggest city in Greece, and let me tell you, it’s big! You only realize its immensity once you go up to the lookout areas (which is a must when visiting). It’s one of those cities that is not particularly photogenic and has to be experienced in person. This was my second time in this city, first time was when I was only 10, so I don’t recall much. I loved seeing different fortresses through the city. They blend in so beautifully and naturally with the city as if they are just another regular house.
City is great for shopping, browsing the downtown area, visiting the waterfront and so much more. Locals are so relaxed and you see that best when you visit the waterfront, in particular the docs, where you will see dozens of, mostly young, Thessalonians sitting with their friends on the ground by the water.
The most fun I had, I have to admit, is riding my scooter through the narrow streets and especially the streets in the hills. The streets and the feel of the neighbourhoods kind of reminded me of Lisbon (minus the Lisbon facades). I really enjoyed my stay here, going between the city and its nearby beaches. It’s definitely a must when visiting Greece.

As for the outfit, it’s simple: it was hot, I wanted to wear white and these amazing Noa Boho Sandals. 😊


Sasha <3


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