June 3, 2014

White Dress On A One Year Anniversary

Dresses top to bottom: Zara, street buy Greece, Mendocino & Andrew Marc (Winners)

Today marks a 1 year anniversary for my blog. It has been a wonderful experience for me and a lot of fun. I will not go into an emotional monologue about my feelings about this past year and scream how much I love everyone. I am just not that person. I show my love with actions, not so much with words. Now, how do I get to show my appreciation to YOU, my amazing followers? I thought about it and decided to do one more post today. Two posts in one day! I have never done that before. I decided to talk about a fun topic for me and I hope you will enjoy it just as well. But I do want  you all to know that I appreciate every single word I receive from you, whether it be here on the blog, emails, Instagram, Twitter or any other way. Feel free to interact with me and ask any questions/make comments as you please. THANK YOU!

What is one item of wardrobe that screams summer for you? For me it has to be a white dress. Be it long, short, dressy or casual. I love them all (as you can see hehehe). It is like a blank piece of canvas with which you can do as you please. Even left alone, if it's the right fit, it packs a punch. It works just as well in the spring and early fall. I already own four but I'm always on a lookout for another one. You can see here how I styled my Zara maxi dress last fall with a leather jacket and boots, for a casual day out. The second look is from my trip to Malaga, Spain last year and it was meant for a summer date night. I chose to style it more in Grecian or Roman style of sorts. If you don't have one in your closet just yet, make sure that you do. Just imagine how beautiful it will look on that sun-kissed skin. Ciao darlings!

Aleksandra <3

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your blog because by this meet you know.
    Also thank you for all that you share, truly have a unique, very nice style and great person.
    I also love how you express and leave knowing something about you.
    Also I'm like you, not many words but actions, and now if merit because I feel the same thrill that your...
    Hugs and kizzez!

    1. Tahnk you very much, I alawas appreciate your comments!

  2. i have yet to own an all white dress. these are perfect! the first is my fav.
    and congrats on your 1 yr blogiversary!


  3. Beautiful outfits. I love them!