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How To Style Overalls or Dungarees - Cropped Top

Overalls Stradivarius, top Zara, heels Steve Edelman, bag H&S Handbags, rings Aldo

I almost made it through the week without one outfit in jeans. Well....that just would not be me. Jeans are my most favourite item of clothing, and therefore deserve a regular feature on this blog. I figured it has been a while since I wore these overalls, so I decided to pull them out of my closet again. They are soft, comfortable, cool and just perfect. I wore a cropped top underneath, as you can see. This is a good way to wear a cropped top but still hide your belly, if you are not comfortable exposing it completely. Cropped tops and high waist skirts or pants are a no brainer and easy to pull off, even if you don't have the flattest belly. Pulling them off with jeans however and being comfortable, it doesn't come as easy to everyone. And also, it may not be your style to expose that much skin. The overalls cover the belly and some of the back, but show just enough skin on the sides. The colours of the outfit also needed to match the colours of the team I supported yesterday on the World Cup, meaning Croatia. Today, I will be all blue and white to cheer for Greece. Day before, it was Brazil, who are my pick for the finals this year and I will be cheering them on till the end (considering this time Serbia did not even qualify, sadly) . Now, not sure if I chose them because of their skills (though they have not been playing their best game), the fact that they are playing on the home field or the music and a chance to be in a fun party when they win, hehehe, but they are my choice. Who are you cheering for this year? Ciao!

Za malo da prodje cela sedmica a da ne postavim nijedan outfit u farmerkama. To bas ne bih bila ja. Ipak su farmerke moj omiljeni odevni komad i zasluzuju redovno gostovanje na blogu. Posto je proslo duze vremena od kada sam poslednji put nosila ove tregerice, odlucila sam se da bas njih obucem. Materijal je mekan, udobne su, cool i jednostavno perfektne. Ispod njih sam nosila kratku majicu. Ovo je dobar nacin da nosite kratku majicu a ne izlozite ceo stomak, ako se ne osecate ugodno u tome. Kratke majice su savrsen i lak sklop sa suknjama i pantalonama visokog struga, ali ih je ipak tesko nositi sa farmerkama, a da ne izgledate previse golisavo. Takodje, s obzirom da su farmerke uglavnom nizeg struka, nije svima lako da se osecaju ugodno da nose kratku majicu sa njima. Tregerice prikrivaju stomak i deo ledja, ali opet otkrivaju dovoljno koze sa strane, tako da vas kratka majica i dalje ima isti efekat. Boje koje sam u klopila za ovaj outfit su morale da budu u bojama tima koji sam juce podrzavala na World Cup a to je Hrvatska. Danas ce to biti Grcka a pre par dana je bio Brazil. Brazil je inace tim koji sam probrala da podrzavam do kraja, jer verujem da ce ici do finala. Ne znam da li je razlog sto sam bas njih probrala to sto imaju dobar tim, sto igraju na svom terenu ili zbog muzike i sanse za dobru zurku ako pobede, hehehe. ali ove godine (s obzirom da se Srbije na zalost nije ni plasirala), je Brazil moj izbor. Za koga vi navijate ove godine? Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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  1. Very cute. No many people can pull off the overall look ;-)

  2. Nos encanta como has combinado el look

  3. :o If you were wearing that look today we could almost be twins xD I'm wearing denim overalls with a striped crop top (red a black) underneath :o What are the odds?xD

  4. so pretty when you smile! :)


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