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Bright Neon Stilettos & Cobalt Blue Top For a Night Out

Jeans Zara, top unknown Winners, heel Brian Atwood, clutch Aldo, necklace Rachel Roy, bracelet Forever 21

Today's outfit I actually wore this past weekend. I went out for drinks and decided to finally pull out these hot bright yellow Brian Atwood sandals. I got the on sale for only $99. They are so cute and will look especially good when I get little tanned. Ant lets not forget the leather that they are made of. It is extremely soft and molds around your foot and ankle. I am a jeans and blouse type of a girl so there is no surprise this was my going out for drinks outfit. Comfortable with a little bit of personality. Plus, nights are still very cool so I did not dare wear a skirt on bare legs. But I really wanted to wear these babies so jeans were the perfect answer to this little struggle :). Wishing you a beautiful and sunny weekend! Ciao!

Danasnji outfit sam ustvari nosila prosli vikend za izlazak u grad. Napokon sam docekala da izvucem iz ormra ove prelepe jarko zute Brian Atwood sandale. Kupila sam ih jos zimus na rasprodaji za samo $99. Izgledace jos lepse kada malo dobijem preplanulu boju. Jos samo lepo vreme da dodje, pa i to da docekamo :). Moja uniforma su uglavnom farmerke i majica, tako da nije iznenadjujuce sto sam se opredelila za ove iscepane farmerke i bluzu za izlazak u grad. Zelela sam da obujem bas ove sandale a posto su veceri jos jako hladne, suknja nije dolazila u obzir. A uvek su tu verne farmerke da rese problem :). Zelim vam suncan i lep vikend! Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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  1. Blue is gorgeous on you! & Your sandals are to DIE for! (: Looking forward to your future posts.

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.


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