October 9, 2013

Sequence, Tartan & Purple

Pants and top Forever 21, heels Manolo Blahnik, blazer and scarf Zara, clutch Ebay, watch Michael Kors, ring and earrings Forever 21
I finally get to wear tartan print. Well, at least on the blog. I made sure that I wore these cool tartan pants the next day I bought them, and that was couple of weeks ago. But they finally made it to the blog too. I did not think I would like tartan pants, ever. But I guess I was wrong. I love the lipstick red colour of these pants and the fit is perfect. And you would be amazed with how many items in your closet they can go with. Dress them up or down, as you please. They are a perfect piece of clothing to make any boring outfit, fun. Just make sure that the scale of the squares is appropriate for your body size. If you are heavier on the bottom, make sure that the squares are not too small otherwise they will exaggerate your size. And make sure the material of the pants is good quality and they don’t stretch too much. I don’t think a print like this looks good when it is stretched over your behind. Guess what I’m trying to say is stay away from tartan print leggings please! Will you wear tartan pants this fall/winter? Ciao!
Napokon da i moje karo ili tartan print pantalone stignu i na blog. Nikada nisam mislila da ce mi se svideti (bar na meni) tartan print pantalone ali izgleda da sam pogresila. Svidja mi se karmin crvena boja kao i savrsen kroj ovih pantalona. Mozete ih nositi u lezernijoj varijanti sa starkama ili moto cizmama, a i sa stiklom i lepom bluzom ili kosuljom za izlazak. A mozda i peplum majicu sto da ne? Samo obratite paznju da velicunu sara. Ako ste malo puniji u donjem delu tela, birajte sare koje nisu previse sitne, inace ce male sare da istaknu jos vise vase mane. Takodje birajte pantalone sa trvrdjim kvalitetnijim materijalom koji se ne razvaci previse, inace ce se sare deformisati i pantalone ce delovati jeftino. I molim vas nemojte nikako da nosite helanke u ovom printu! Da li cete se vi usuditi da nosite ovakve pantalone ove jeseni/zime? Cao!
PS. My friend Bojana took these pictures and it was her first time. She did so well that it took me a long time to narrow down the choice. Don't you think she did a great job?
Aleksandra <3


  1. I'm a really big fan of your style :) The purple on the shoes gave such a special touch!


  2. Love the manolos! I have them in blue :)