October 17, 2013

Fall Cleaning

Today I decided to do a different type of a post. It will be a longer one, so bear with me. But keep on reading as there are a few really good ideas. It is the perfect day for this type of a post, because the weather is pretty crappy outside. This is the best time to stay in and finish some things around the house that you have been putting away for some time. I am talking about organizing and editing your closet. If you have not already done so, get to it. Before you spend even one more cent on a new piece of clothing, get to it! I cleared out mine couple of weeks ago. Partially because it was time for fall cleaning, but mostly because I was in a house mode and wanted to get the house back in order. I am not great at decorating a house. That’s my sister’s obsession and talent. I either copy what she does or have her decide for me. One reason is because I love way too many different styles, just as I do with clothes. But with clothes it is easier to mix and match, house…not so easy. For me anyway J.
Shopping for a new season is fun and exciting. Sometimes too exciting. How many times did you come home with the same or similar piece of clothing that you already have in your closet but did not know until days or weeks later, when you were rummaging through your closet? But only now, it is too late to return or exchange that item. I am guilty of this but I know a lot of other women as well. So before you go shopping for a fall wardrobe, clear out your closet. Throw out anything that you have not worn in about year and a half. They usually say one year, but I have been known not to wear something for about year and half and then start wearing it again like crazy. But if it has been more than that, chances are you will not wear it again. I personally am a late fall wardrobe shopper. Summer clothes, I am the first to go because I am excited about the warm weather and just tired of wearing jackets and heavy winter clothes. But when it comes to fall and winter wardrobe, I drag my feet. Not because I don’t like the clothes but because I dread the fact that winter will be here soon. I love winter, but in Canada it is a bit too long.
Here are my steps for editing my closet:
-make sure your room is clean and you have a whole evening dedicated to this chore
-make sure all of your clothes are clean and visible
-put away all of your summer clothes (but not the ones that you can layer even in fall and winter months).
-take out and organize individual sections of clothes, ie. sweaters, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses. This way you are not overwhelmed. If you take everything out of the closet at once, it may be too much to handle.
-If you have not worn an item for some time, try it on and if you love it and already have several outfits in mind that you can wear it with, keep it.
-Throw away everything that is stained, you have not worn it for about year and a half, too small, too big.
-Remove anything from your closet that does not belong there (ie. Wrapping paper, luggage, etc). That can be stored elsewhere.
-Group your clothes into categories such as pants, dresses…you get the idea.
Before and After
-If possible, keep shoes in a separate closet. I find that shoes have a smell to them, no matter how clean you keep them, and I just don’t like mixing them with my clothes or having them in my bedroom. Keeping them in boxes solves this issue. But if you can, buy clear boxes or put a picture of the shoe on the front so that you know what is inside. This will save you time on those days that you are in a rush. For someone like me, with a lot of shoes, I would not be able to find them all quickly any other way.
-Make a list of fall items that you like. Look at magazines and blogs for ideas. Arrange your list by "Need"(winter boots, coat), "Want" and “If I have any money left over” groups.
-Now look at that list and your newly organized closet. Do any of those items on your list already exist in your closet? Do you have something similar? If you do, is that item still a must or is it now a want? Narrow down your list this way.
-Have a budget in mind and stick to it. If you go a little bit over, I’m sure it will be fine. Just don’t forget you don’t have to get everything all at once. If you absolutely don’t love what you are buying, don’t get it!
-All of the above applies to your jewelry and accessories as well. I kept my jewelry in several different places around the house so remembering where something was in a hurry was frustrating. Now I keep everything in one place, visible to me, and getting ready in the morning is now a breeze.
Before: not everything in the same area, not properly displayed, etc
 After: using frames to display and hang chandelier earrings
I am attaching a few pictures of my little treasures, the before and after. The pictures are not the best. I am still working on my photography skills for night and indoor picture taking.
And if all of the above I said seems too much for you….well then find a friend who loves clothes and who loves throwing out things, such as myself, and have them help you. Make it a fun night with some drinks and music, why not? Do you have any great ideas to share on organizing a closet and fall shopping? Share them with me. Ciao!
Aleksandra <3
After: all accessories in one place properly displayed
After: necklaces and earrings all hanging and fully visible


  1. I seriously need to do that too!
    Great tips. Loved the idea of displaying our earrings in a frame :D