September 1, 2015

A Tourist in My Own Toronto

Jumpsuit, floral print, summer outfit, paysuit, Toronto
Jumpsuit Sheinside, wedges Aldo (old), earrings Forever 21 (old), sunglasses Aldo, bag unknown Marshall's, bracelets Alex&Ani

My, my, my how time flies! It’s September 1st already and we’re getting so close to the end of summer. Luckily the weather doesn’t agree with this so I am more than happy. How has your summer been?  I personally haven’t gotten away anywhere just yet, but hopefully soon. This year in general has not been developing according to my plans much, so why should my summer?!

One thing that I enjoy doing, especially in the summer, is having mini vacations in the city, or stay-cations. Usually people tend to do this on the weekends, but my weekends are usually overbooked as it is, so I often pick a random day in the week off work to do this. I love exploring the city on my bike. It seems to be my main accessory this summer on the blog, hehehe. I find that it’s the best way to explore. You get around the city easily, you can cross a much bigger area then just walking, but you can also just park it anywhere and continue your exploration on foot, stop grab a bite to eat, have a drink by the lake, walk in a park, and so on. Sometimes our lives are moving too fast and we tend to always be on a schedule, so these little mini home vacations are just perfect to break that routine and schedule, don’t you think?

So what do you chose to wear to do this? Well it’s up to you, but you don’t always have to choose a sporty outfit. Why not opt for a fun floral jumpsuit instead? It’s comfortable yet fashionable. Jumpsuits have been everywhere this summer and will keep strong right into fall. I personally think they never go out of style. This one I bought from Sheinside. If you have long legs, you may be out of luck here, as the leg length is a bit short. If you like to wear them cropped, then they will do just perfectly. And the material is so lightweight that you almost feel like you're not wearing anything. 
And if you don’t want to wear flats or sneakers, wedges are just as good. Heels would make pedaling much more difficult, but wedges have a full sole, so they work just perfectly. You may have to lift your seat a bit though to accommodate for the extra few inches.

So when are you planning to have your little stay-cation and explore your city?


Aleksandra <3
Jumpsuit, floral print, summer outfit, paysuit, Toronto
Jumpsuit, floral print, summer outfit, paysuit, Toronto, toronto blogger
Jumpsuit, floral print, summer outfit, paysuit, Toronto, toronto blogger


  1. Super cute romper. Perfect accessories too.

  2. Really nice look. Specially love the picture on the bike :)

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