September 27, 2013

Weekend Hello

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and leaving you with some August Instagram pictures and of course, outfit recap of the week. Ciao!

Aleksandra <3
1. Waiting for the fairy   2. Mykonis streets   3. Me chillin' in Mykonos

1. Cooling off at the beach  2. Breakfast view in Mykonos  3. On my moped taking a shameless selfie
1. This is not shameless cause it's two of us  2. Beach essentials
1. With my mom and sister on the way to a wedding  2. Adding to the collection  3. Europe here we come!
Couple more selfies and my baby camouflaged in our bed
1. Staying cool  2. Outfit post  3. Still waiting for them to arrive in the mail!
1. Chilling in one of Belgrade's million cafes  2. Somewhat healthy breakfast  3. Outfit post collage

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  1. Love the pictures! All your outfits are stunning(:

    Love, Hannah...<3