September 16, 2013

Beautiful Greece

Overlooking Mykonos town
Just me hanging with Adam and Eve at Paradise Beach
As promised not too long ago, I am dedicating one post to my visit to Mikonos at the end of August. I was not sure what to expect when we decided to go to Mykonos.  I have heard some mixed reviews but what really influenced us to go there specifically was my husband’s friend Yiannis, born Mykonian, who invited us to visit him there. Who in their right mind would refuse to visit such a beautiful place especially when you have the privilege of having a friend born there that can show you around and give you a full story behind everything:  churches, architecture, party life, and so on. And it was worth the trip.

Gorgeous Psarou Beach

You have so many beaches to go to, and they vary from family friendly to party beaches. Every single one is absolutely gorgeous. Psarou beach should be family friendly beach, but I gotta say I saw quite a bit of nudists there. Granted they stayed at the end of the beach where there are no chairs.  Paradise beach is known for its parties, day and night, so I expected it there, but I guess not J. I visited most of the beaches but the biggest treat for me was when Yiannis took us our last day, to a secluded little beach, not very known to tourists. There are no hotels, no bars, not even a path to get down to the beach. There is not any signage on the road how to get to it. You have to hop down steep rocks to get to it but it is absolutely amazing. 
A view from my bed
Chillin' at the Platys Gialos beach 
And of corse some beer
My obsession with doors, and beautiful white/blue colours
Gorgeous town of Mykonos

We stayed in private little hotel Penelope’s located in the town of Mykonos, overlooking the picturesque old inner harbor. Waking up to this view every morning was amazing. We enjoyed our breakfast every day on a scenic terrace and late afternoon refreshment on the beautiful private balcony in our room. This hotel is the perfect combination of location and comfort and is definitely very affordable. You are in the town of Mykonos  in 2 minute walk, just hop a few stairs down. Mykonos is in hills so you don't want to be too high up that you have to climb stairs for a long time in the heat or while drunk :), unless that is you want to keep in shape. But on a serious note, you are better off staying in a place like this and being able to walk back to your room in minutes and not have to worry about riding your moped under the influence at night (or day). If you do get a chance to go, I highly recommend you visit this hotel. The owner Ana is absolutely amazing and the staff is friendly. The hotel and the rooms are kept immaculately clean. And breakfast is fresh every morning. Don't forget the view!

View at breakfast
Hotel room

Mykonos has a fun night life. There is something for everyone; however what I enjoyed most was walking its beautiful narrow streets. The town is gorgeous during the day but even more so at night, under its street lights and those of the little shops that line these streets. I caught myself several times getting a feeling that I was asleep and in a beautiful dream.  Amazing place for a romantic getaway as well as a fun vacation with friends.  Mykonos will definitely see me again, maybe sooner rather than later. Ciao!

Aleksandra <3
One of many gorgeous patios
Having some drinks
After a few drinks pictures are blurry
My new obsession with stairs
My obsession with stairs 2
A view from my friend's house
On top of the world (Delos Island)
Archaeological beauties of Delos Island 

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