August 12, 2016

East Coast Road Trip to Savannah - Off the Sholder Top & Cutoffs

Shorts OneTeaspoon, off the sholder top bought in Mexico (no name), scarf Winners, earrings unknown

Howdy friends! Summer is slowly coming to an end and I have still not finished sharing with you outfits and pictures of my road trip through East Coast USA. I guess in a way I’m procrastinating so that I get to enjoy and reminisce of my travels for a longer period of time.
Next stop on the road trip was Savannah, Georgia. Well, after Miami we stopped for a day at the Jacksonville Beach but continued straight to Savannah that same evening. I didn’t really take any pictures of Jacksonville Beach. It was just a beach town, but compared to everything we saw before, Jacksonville Beach kind of wasn’t as exciting. Oh, how easily we get spoiled, right?
Savannah was quite a surprise for me. I didn’t research it at all before going. I just heard that it is a must see city on the east coast. I chose to be surprised, and surprised I was.
Being of Easter European descent and having lived in Canada half of my life, this was my very first exposure to a real Southern (USA) city and culture. My only exposure before this was through Hollywood, ahahah.
We arrived late in the evening and I was first mesmerized by the long alleyway streets. The trees are so old and big, it was beautiful to see them. The streets were dimly lit but that added to their beauty. The trees are all covered with (what I learned while visiting swamps in New Orleans) Spanish moss which creates these eerie shadows on the streets. It’s quite a sight. While riding around the town just to check it out before heading off to bed, we stumbled upon the waterfront and I was very pleasantly surprised. I have a thing for cobblestone streets and old, old buildings. Even if they look a little dungy, the thought of the history behind them makes them very endearing to me.
The next day we spent riding our bikes around town, taking trolley rides to learn a bit of history of this beautiful old town, ate some very heavy southern comfort food and just enjoyed the sights. It was a wonderful time and if you are visiting east coast, do make sure to stop and visit this gem of East Coast. What I particularly loved was that there were no sky scrapers. The city is full of Suares and roundabout intersections. It is extremely pedestrian friendly. It is hot and humid, so make sure to dress accordingly. To behonest, I’m still quite puzzled how the local food can be so heavy considering such hot climate. What I also found interesting was how many different types of churches I saw. I have never seen more churches in one city then I did in Savannah. One interesting fact, if you watched and loved the movie Forrest Gump, you may like to know that you can see the bench used in the filming of the movie. It’s not located in the Chippewa Square where the scenes are filmed, but has been moved to the Savannah History Museum. You can still take touristy pictures in the Chippewa Square just maybe standing up.
So if you are looking to experience some southern culture while vising US, Savanah is definitely the place to be.
As for my outfit, I felt like wearing my Mexican off the sholder top. Shorts were a great option too for the bike ride. As for the headscarf…well you already know I love wearing those. They are also just very useful on sunny days. The material of this scarf is silk and cotton, so it kept my head cool. I find hats of any kind make my head too hot. I guess it may just come down to preference.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have a great weekend y’all!




  1. Great look! In love with your shoes! Kiss