July 4, 2016

Part 3: Final Outfit & Post on New Orleans

Dress H&M, sneakers Forever 21, bag unknown, scarf H&M, sunglasses unknown, arrow necklace The Bay

Final day in New Orleans was spent exploring the Garden District, Lafayette cemetary, one last walk around French Quarters, best BBQ lunch at a tiny little place called Joint followed by a quick stop at a French style cafĂ© & a beignet. I’m not quite sure how I managed to eat those beignets after a huge, heavy southern BBQ meal, but I managed. I’m never the one to leave a beignets uneaten hehehe.
Garden district is an old area of New Orleans where you can see beautiful mansions all around. It made for a beautiful bike ride.

 You may wonder why I visited a cemetery. They are quite an experience in New Orleans. Due to frequent floods, their dead are buried in the chamber like structures. A whole family may be buried in one of those. Apparently it’s also a great space saver. When you visit New Orleans, you may hear a (what seems to be a popular local) joke about grandma floating down the street. I will leave you with that. I know you may be confused, but you just may want to travel to New Orleans to hear the whole joke (if not for any other reason Iisted in my 3 posts on this fun city). I won’t even attempt to tell the joke. I am know for butchering them, every single time hehehe.

With this I leave you to check out few more photos from New Orleans and hopefully enjoy them. There is not much to be said about the outfit. White sneakers form Forever 21, easy jersey dress from H&M. The look was quite simple so I threw on a scarf on the bag to make the look more complexe. I added few simple pieces of jewelry and that was it. It was an extremely hot day and I did not want to wear anything too complicated that would make me hot. Sweating is not in fashion, right?
Hope you enjoyed my first road trip stop. Where do we go next? Stay tuned!


Sasha <3

 Garden District
The Best southern BBQ place & THE BEST ribs!

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