August 23, 2015

A Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Skirt H&M Conscious Collection, top unknown, bag unknown (Winners)

Do you ever watch TV shows or movies, love the glamorous clothes the characters wear, and just wish you could do it too? Do you have a bunch of dresses and skirts, or trousers, or even that over the top coat that just sits in your closet collecting dust? We all do. We buy these amazing, glamorous pieces that we never wear or maybe, just maybe get to wear once to some special event. What a shame! Those items are the ones you want to show off the most, yet only get to wear once, or never at all. This of course does not apply to those of you who go to a lot of high glamour events. But those of us who go to regular parties, go to bars with our girlfriends, quiet date nights with our significant others, not so glamorous kids birthdays, and so on; well, we don’t get to wear these special items often.
Canada is also a very casual country. I always find that when I travel back home to Serbia or anywhere in Europe, I get to dress up more. Get more daring. But when I’m back home in Canada, I find myself pulling more casual looks. Yes, we all want to stand out, but we don’t want to “scream” that we are different.
Having said that, I have those days when I get the urge to wear a specific item. Then, I don’t care what the event is, I just wear it regardless. And why not? Even if we get those negative comments such as“Aren’t you a little overdressed?” and so on, we should not care. What’s wrong with dressing up? We could all use a bit more glamor and fun, flamboyant outfits in our lives.
This was the case for me couple of weeks ago when I wore this skirt.
I bought this beauty back in March I believe, when the last H&M conscious collection came out. I was in love!!!! I have been looking for something like this (in my price range of course) for a long time, but could not seem to find exactly what I wanted. I even contemplated having one made for me. But when this beauty came out, I was hooked. The material, the way it flows, the colour and the fit. They were just perfect. Perfect!
Well, needless to say I could not wait to wear it for the first time. I would put it on around the house, just to try it on and look at it in the mirror, but I had no weddings or dressy events in my calendar this summer. Time was passing by and this beauty was in my closet, just hanging. That’s not what it was made to do. As I said, 2 weeks ago I finally got to wear it. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday. It was not a big affair. Just a very small group of us got together on Ward Island (Toronto Islands – a must see and explore if you visit the city), had dinner in a more casual restaurant, walked around the island and took a ferry back to mainland. We went to a friend’s patio after and had some more drinks and cake. Nothing fancy, but just a group of friends getting together. I had not planned to photograph this outfit. It was a celebration and I didn't want to bring my camera and harass someone to snap pictures of me for the blog. It was not about me, the day was about my friend. But we still very quickly snapped a few Iphone pics (and one selfie of course) so I decided to share with you here. I just wish I had taken a quick video to show you how beautifully it moves. 
I had parked my car close to the Toronto Waterfron and had to walk down to water taxy station. This is when I had my Carrie Bradshaw moment! The weather was hot but there was a light breeze. As I walked the streets of Toronto, the breeze was moving the skirt around and it looked even more beautiful. Remember those scenes when Carrie is running on the streets of NYC in one of her big dresses and how they flow? I felt like that for a moment. I received so many compliments from women as I walked, that it put a smile on my face. Not because I needed compliments, but there is just something about that moment when a total stranger takes the time to give you kinds words or appreciate the outfit you are just so in love with. Don’t you think?
Well to all of you out there, take out your favourite, most glamorous items this weekend and head out with your friends, or whoever, and have fun in them. Stroll around your city and have your Carrie moment. Get carried away! (hahah sorry, I know it’s cheesy and overused, but I just had to use that line)


Aleksandra <3
View of Toronto from the Islands


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