November 30, 2013

3 in 1

Nasty Gal jeans, nasty gal polka dot jeans, white jeans, print, statement blazer, print mix, baby pink, polka dot outfit, texture mix, ray ban sunglasses, Zara blazer, steve madden heels, manolo blahnik pumps, statement necklace, H&M sweater, oversized, oversized sweater, skinny jeans

One of the purposes of this blog is to show that you can use many pieces of your existing wardrobe in multiple outfits. Today, I am posting three different outfits, you have already seen here on the blog, with one same pair of skinny polka dot jeans. Which one is your favourite?

Aleksandra <3

November 28, 2013

Another Hat Outfit

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look
Sweater Forever 21 (here), top and jeans H&M, necklace street buy (similar), hat Le Chateau, boots Urban Planet, leather bag (Winners)

For the last look of the week, I chose another casual outfit. Partially because we are all mostly casual on the weekends but also because this would be easy outfit for a day of shopping, since the Black Friday craze has come to Canada too. I love these types of cardigans as they are cool, comfortable and go with may different looks. I love hats too and was glad to have finally found one that fits my head in this beautiful burgundy colour. A little side braid and fringe boots, and a boho inspired look is done. Have a wonderful and fun weekend ladies! Ciao!

 Za poslednji outfit sedmice sam probrala jos jednu casual kombinaciju. Ovaj dzemper koji sam nosila jos jednom na blogu, mi je jedan od omiljenih. Inace volim ovaj stil jer izlgeda cool, topao je i ide uz razlicite odevne kombinacije. A posto volim i sesire i kape, morala sam ukombinovati i ovaj bordo sesir koji sam nedavno kupila. Inace bila sam u potrazii za njim vec duze vreme, probala sam razne ali ovaj je mogao da stane na moju glavu kako treba :). Uz pletenicu i cizme sa resama, upotpunjen je outfit u boho stilu. Uzivajte u nastupajucem vikendu drage moje! Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, Urban Planet boots

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots, leather cross body bag, fringe boots, Zara leather jacket, moto jacket, biker jacket

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots, leather cross body bag

H&M hat, aztec print sweater, boho look, Forever 21 sweater, H&M jeans, slouchy boots, leather cross body bag, fringe boots, Zara leather jacket, moto jacket, biker jacket

November 27, 2013

Red Coat

Aritzia, studded belt
Skirt H&M (similar here), shirt Aritzia (here), belt Patricia Field old, bracelets gift, bag H&S Handbags, heels Ebay, tights Express

Am I lucky or what to have taken few different outfit pictures over the weekend. Today, I would probably not be able to do so outside how cold it is. My dog and I just came back from a walk and we could not get back home fast enough. I am wearing today an H&M skirt and one of the must-have pieces, a chambray shirt you also saw me wear here. I wear this skirt a lot in the summer (you wouldn't think so considering it is making it to the blog for the first time) but this is how I pair it in the fall. Switch the pumps for boots and it works just as well for colder weather like today. Have a warm and cozy evening my ladies :) Ciao!

Sva sreca pa sam preko vikenda uslikala vise outfita jer danas mi to ne bi poslo za rukom. Napolju je minus pingvin (da tako kazem). Upravo sam se vratila iz setnje s mojim kucetom, i jedva sam docekala da se docepam tople sobe. Danas nosim denim kosulju koju sam takodje nosila ovde i staru H&M suknju koju inace nosim jako puno preko leta (iako ne bi ste u to poverovali s obzirom da se tek prvi put pojavljuje na blogu) ali sam je danas uparila sa debelim najlonkama i salonkama za jesen. Mozete zameniti salonke cizmama za malo topliju varijantu. Uzivajte veceras u toploj kucnoj atmosferi drage dame :) Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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Aritzia shirt, studded belt, street style, toronto street style

Aritzia chambray shirt h&M skirt studded belt

Chambray shirt, Aritzia

studded belt, chambray shirt, aritzia, H&M skirt, print, flower print

Zara red coat, H&M skirt, studded belt

H&M skirt, studded belt

HM skirt and studded belt

November 26, 2013

Dressy Pants

Topshop Sweater
Sweater Topshop (similar here), shirt H&M, necklace Mendocino (similar here and here), pants Smart (here), heels Manolo Blahnik, clutch unknown
I just about froze today shooting this outfit. It is extremely cold and I chose to shoot this look without a coat. Not the best idea. You can probably tell by my Rudolph like nose and shrugged shoulders. I got a fantastic gift card from Smart Set while attending the Spark Sessions conference. I chose these and another tartan print pants (and a few other goodies). These are perfect for the office but dressy enough to go out.  As it is time for Christmas parties, wear it with a nice flowy top with some pearls or even a nice cashmere sweater will do, but make sure your shoes and accessories are more festive. Ciao!
Danas sam se za malo smrznula slikajuci ove fotografije, jer sam izabrala da ih slikam bez kaputa. Nije bas bila najbolja ideja. Jedan od poklona koje smo dobili na konferenciji za blogere pre par vikenda, bila je poklon kartica prodavnice Smart Set. Kupila sam dva para pantalone (ukljucujuci I ove I jos par stvarcica), ali o tome drugom prilikom. Ove pantalone su savrsene za kancelariju ali I za izlazak, A kako je i sezona praznicnih proslava, idealne su i za te prilike. Uparite ih sa leprsavom bluzom i perlama, ili pak nekim lepim dzemperom ali u tom slucaju cipele i nakit moraju da vam budu mnogo svecaniji. Cao!
Aleksandra <3
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Smart Set pants
Manolo Blahnik pumps

November 25, 2013

Keep Your Hat On

Sweater H&M, vest  and bag Ebay, jean Aeropostale, heels Costa Blanca, watch Swatch, necklace one of a kind (hand made), middle finger ring aldo, hat H&M

Today was another busy but fun day. I attended Spring/Summer collection preview event for Express and loved what I saw. More on this however as well as the outfit I wore in a few days. Today, I think I am all talked out so I will keep the post quick and short (no sighs of relieve please! hehehe). I took these pictures on Saturday as well as the outfit from last night. As I mentioned getting good light in the afternoons is hard due to short days. Saturday however was very windy that it took some effort to keep the hat on my head. This is another simple and casual outfit that I love. This feather (not fur) vest is so soft and warm at the same time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Ciao!

Danas je bio jos jedan od onih preterano zauzetih dana ali je bio u isto vreme i jako zanimljiv. Prisustvovala sam izlaganju prolecne/letnje kolekcije za Express modnu liniju, ali o tome drugom prilikom. Danasnji post ce biti malo kraci jer mislim da sam se danas ispricala i previse. Samo ukratko o outfitu. Jos jedna lezerna kombinacija za jesen. Prsluk je od perja ne od krzna ali i dalje vrlo topao i nezan. Zbog vetra sam imala poteskoce da zadrzim sesir na glavi ali uspelo je bar za nekoliko slika :). Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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November 24, 2013

Piece Of Art

 Sweater one of a kind (gift), leggings Forever 21, boots and beanie Urban Planet, bag Ebay.

I don’t get to spend a lot of weekends at home or when I do, there is usually a lot of things to catch up on so they usually fly by running around. But this weekend was one of those rare ones where I get to sleep in and do what I choose, or not do anything at all. Well usually on those days I go very casual. This weekend I chose to wear this sweater my grandmother bought for me few years ago. Now I know this will not be to everyone’s liking as it is not your modern sweater. This is actually piece of art, a one of a kind. Some of you may know (if you follow my blog) that I am of Serbian background (as in Novak Djokovic) not Siberia (trust me, people get confused more than you would think). This sweater is a traditional art work done on sweaters, linens, etc from the region in Western Serbia where my family is from. Each piece is one of a kind and is hand made of real wool. Amazing quality and warmth. As I said, to me this is like a piece of art therefore I keep everything else very simple so it would not compete.
Some of you may agree that with everything good that came with the Internet, loss of borders between nations, and so on, some of that uniqueness and tradition that every culture has, is getting lost. We all start to look the same quite a bit. And don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good in it. But I love the richness in art, fashion, food that comes from all of the world's different countries. This for me is tradition done 21st century way. Your thoughts? Ciao!

Drage dame nadam se da ste uspele da se odmorite ovog vienda i napunite baterije za novu sedmicu. Ja napokon jesam! Vikend sam provela u casual varijanti i obukla ovaj divni dzemper, poklon od moje bake. Predpostavljam da vecina vas s Balkana prepoznaje da je ovo tradicionalni rucni rad iz zapadne Srbije, odakle potice moja familija. Znam da ovaj dzemper nece biti po svacijem ukusu ali ja ga licno obozavam jer je unikatan za danasnje trziste, gde svi nosimo uglavnom istu odecu. A naravno lepo je i videti tradiciju koju svaka drazava i region sveta imaju, a koji na zalost postepeno gube na vaznosti. Razlike u kulturama i tadicijama, itd ne sluze da nas razdvajaju vec da obogacuju sve sfere nasih zivota, od mode, hrane, umetnosti, itd. Da li se slazete? Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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November 21, 2013

Drama Queen

Top Zara, skirt H&M, boots unknown, ring Aldo, bag Ebay, scarf Chapters (similar here)

If you follow my blog, you know that over this past weekend I attended a two day blogger conference, Spark Sessions. If you want to read more about it, you can do so here. Outfit I wore on the first day you already saw in this post. On the second day I opted for this monochromatic look. I know it probably sounds like I say this a lot, but I love, love this skirt. Another perfect midi skirt. For the cold weather I paired it with my over the knee boots, gray top and this wonderful infinity like faux fur scarf for some drama and warmth. I am not a huge fan of monochromatic looks, especially because gray can look boring sometimes, but with the right pieces you can make it fun. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Ciao!

Ako redovno pratite moj blog znate da sam preko vikenda bila na konferenciji namenjenoj za blogere,  Spark Sessions. Outfit koji sam nosila prvi dan vec ste mogli da vidite ovde. Za drugi dan sam probrala ovu kombinaciju u sivoj boji sa crnim detaljima. Nova opsesija su mi midi suknje. Za hladno vreme sam je uparila sa cizmama preko kolena i ovim salom (da ga tako nazovem) od imitacije krzna, za malo drame a naravno i toplote. Vasi komentari i misljenje su uvek dobro dosli. Cao!

November 20, 2013

All Canadian (Mostly)

 Coat Zara, fur scarf vintage, pants Forever 21, sweater H&M, heels , bag H&S Handbags, ring Ebay, bracelet Joe Fresh

Today I went to a preview of Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Tristan, AdditionElle and Ecco and saw some amazing pieces you can expect to find in stores this spring. Each brand was very different but one thing they all had in common is that they are moving in a more modern trendy direction. Tristan still has amazing classic pieces they are known for but they also have their more modern and more haute line, the World Traveller Collection. Amazing colours, patterns and quality is not lost. AdditionElle, for those of you not familiar with it, is a brand for curvier women. They have adopted an attitude that size should not define your style. Just check out on trend patchwork jeans. And one more bonus, both are proudly Canadian! Now Ecco/Ecco Shoes, well known Danish brand, had some amazing quality shoes and bags. I could not believe how soft and lightweight they all were. Amazing collection for both men and women.
 This is the outfit I chose as it was really cold and I had to walk a lot outside today. I love this bright green sweater and the pop of colour and pattern which really brighten up this fall/winter look. I hooked this vintage fur scarf to my Zara coat to give it more texture and drama. Do you like it? Ciao!

Danas sam bila pozvana da prisustvujem izlaganju kolekcije za prolece/leto kompanija AdditionElle (namenjene punijim zenama), Tristan i Ecco/Ecco Shoes. Tristan i AdditionElle su kandske kompanije vrlo dobrog kvaliteta. Tristan je inace poznat po vrlo kvalitetnim poslovnim odevnim komadima i vrlo klasicnog su stila. Medjutim nova linija je unela mladji duh u ovu liniju i zapanjuje dezenima i modelima. Ecco Shoes je Danska kompanija koja proizvodi kozne tasne kao i cipele visokog kvaliteta koze. 
Za danasnji dan sam probrala ovaj outfit. Dopada mi se kako boja i pruge osvezavaju ovaj jesenji outfit. Za malu promenu, prikacila sam vintage krzneni sal na moj Zara kaput. Kako vam se dopada? Cao!

Aleksandra <3